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Brother named among world’s top 150 best employers

Brother Industries, Ltd has been named by Forbes as one of 2020’s best employers. Ranked at number 130 out of 750 multinationals and corporations across the world, this is the first time Brother has been included.

The 2020 World’s Best Employers list was compiled by Forbes Magazine in partnership with Statista. This is the fourth time the magazine has compiled and published a list.

The ranking was based on survey results from 160,000 full and part-time workers across 58 countries. Respondents were asked questions on how they would rate their employer, if they would recommend them to family and friends, how they rated their employer’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, wellbeing support, gender diversity, social responsibility, talent development, environmental footprint and other topics.

Forbes used feedback from across the Brother Industries, Ltd’s multinational family, including engaging with staff from Brother Sewing Machines in Europe (BSME).

Nobuhiro Konishi, managing director of BSME said: “Since Brother’s foundation 113 years ago we’ve always taken on challenges and adapted to changing times and environments. No year has been more challenging, or different, for our workforce than 2020.

“As a company we’ve switched to remote and low density working to protect our staff during the pandemic. We’ve distributed face masks to our employees, and we’ve implemented Covid-safe policies across all our workspaces. This includes offering staff free Covid tests whenever they need them. We want our staff to feel as proud working for us as we are in having them work for us.”

BSME colleagues at a BBQ.