PE-Design embroidery software


PE-Design Software

Wide Variety of Digitizing Functions

  • Photo Stitch
  • Easy User Interface
  • USB-sized Security Dongle
  • Compatibility with ScanNCut

font mapping 2

Advanced layout and editing

Create your own unique embroidery and stitch designs. Or use/edit the hundreds of built-in fonts and designs.


Powerful quilting designs

Design beautifully bespoke fill patterns, echo stippling and decorative stippling.


Connected compatibility

Import your favourite FCM files to create treasured embroidery. Or create FCM files to send to CanvasWorkspace.


Luminaire XP users – exclusive features!

Combine your Luminaire Innov-is XP1 or XP3 with PE-Design 11 and:

  • Create large split embroidery designs using the Luminaire’s largest hoop.
  • Enhance the split pattern functionality and precision using the snowman marking position sticker.
  • Wirelessly transfer your embroidery and stitch designs to your machine.


Is it time to upgrade?

Unlock an astonishing number of features by updating to PE-Design 11, the latest in Brother’s digitising software.

If you’re using PE-Design 5, 6, 7 or 8 you can quickly upgrade to PE-Design 10. If you’re already using PE-Design 10, upgrade to PE-Design 11.

Speak to your local dealer about the PE-Design upgrade kits today.

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Important notice for Windows 11 users

Please note older versions of PE-Design may not be compatible with Windows 11.

To see if your PE-Design is compatible, please check here.

If your version of PE-Design is not compatible it's possible to upgrade to PE-Design 10 or higher. Contact your dealer if you would like to upgrade. Find a dealer.

BEaaS name designer


Personalisation just got easier with the BEaaS Name Designer*.

With Brother’s BEaaS Name Designer application, anyone can easily convert text to embroidery data and wirelessly transfer it to a compatible Brother embroidery machine.

  • More choice – fonts, colours, frame sizes, font size, thread density settings, character spacing adjuster and under-sewing options
  • Eliminate errors – customers type direct into the web application
  • Faster workflow – stitch out while a new customer types
  • Save time – limit customer font colour selection to the threads on your machine
  • Expand – add personalisation as a service
  • Compatible with PR1055X and PR680W embroidery machines

Get BEaaS from your local dealer here


No software, no installation, no training

Get your personalisation business up and running in no time. The BEaaS web app is cloud-based, so there’s no need to install any software. Its easy interface means customers can use it straight away. And we’ve made it so easy – new starters can use it on their first day of work!


Give the customer control

By facilitating customer data input you can connect them to the personalisation process. Eliminate errors, save time and store their design data for repeated use. With a realistic 3D preview, customers can preview the finished result in advance.


Keep organised

Use the integrated memo function to easily manage each customer’s generated embroidery data. All data is stored safely in the cloud for easy retrieval for each customer. With no need to save data on your own hardware, you won’t need to purchase extra storage facilities.


Expand your font and colour choice

With 124 built-in fonts and 24 colours you can offer over and beyond when it comes to personalisation. Don’t want to slow down the workflow or keep changing thread colours? Limit which fonts and colours are available to your customers. For advanced users, the app can adjust the space between characters, set the embroidery size limit, thread density and whether to strengthen the embroidery with under-sewing.

Brother shall have the right to terminate this EULA at any time by providing a written notice to you if you commit a material breach of any terms of this EULA and fail to immediately rectify such breach upon Brother’s request.

We may terminate the Service without prior notice to you. We will notify you of the termination by any means we deem it reasonable. In no event shall Brother be liable for any loss arising out of, or in connection with the termination of the Service.

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Personalisation just got easier with the BEaaS Name Designer. Eliminate errors, speed up your embroidery personalisation workflow, save time and expand your business offering all with one cloud-based name designer service.

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Best suited to advanced embroiderers.  Enjoy unbridled creativity with our newest and most advanced embroidery design software: PE-Design 11. Building on the success of its predecessor – PE-Design 10 – this updated version offers new and enhanced features for creating unique embroidery designs, stitches and quilt fill patterns.

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PE-Design Plus 2 is a fantastic software suite for your embroidery machine. Turn your favourite photo or illustration files into unique designs and set your creativity free. 

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