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ScanNCut Rotary Blade Quilt: part 4

Finished Rotary Blade Quilt

In this part of the ScanNCut Rotary Blade Quilt we’re finally going to piece all the blocks we’ve made together.


If you haven’t started your ScanNCut Rotary Blade Quilt yet, you need to go back to part one. Here you’ll find all the fabrics, materials and equipment you’ll need, plus an overview of the project.

Go to part 1

If you haven’t made the blocks in Part 2 or Part 3 yet, you’ll need to complete them before you more on to this step. Otherwise parts of your quilt will be missing!

Go to part 2

Go to part 3

Step 1

Cut a small border and binding from gingham fabric. Use the table below regarding how much you need to cut of each.

Table for organising the cut of fabric

Step 2

Sew the small gingham border to the edges of the quilt centre. Press.

Step 3: make the flower borders

Arrange the Dresden Plates from Part 2 and the Butterflies from Part 3 into two long strips consisting of eleven blocks each, and two shorter strips consisting of seven blocks each.

Follow the Quilt layout image in Part 1 below to place the pieces.
Rotary Blade Quilt Design

Step 3a

Sew the blocks together and press the seams.

Step 3b

First sew the shorter strips to the top and bottom of the quilt sides. Press seams towards the gingham borders.

Step 3c

Now sew the longer strips to the left and right sides of the quilt. Press seams towards gingham border.

Step 4

Now it’s time to sandwich and quilt. Pin or clip your three layers in place.

Step 5

For the quilting, we did a simple cross hatch on the pieced panels. We added some free motion meandering and echo quilting on the appliqué panels and border as well as around the flowers and Dresden Plates.

Tip: use a thread that blends with your background. Anything goes, really!
Close-up of the Rotary Balde Quilt

Step 6

Trim and bind with gingham.
Close-up of the Rotary Balde Quilt
We can’t wait to see your quilts coming together. Why not share your quilting journey with us on Instagram and Facebook?

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