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Wonky star quilt on set table

Wonky star table runner

This quilted table runner will be the ‘wonky’ star of your festive table. With its irregular shape and bright colours it’ll bring joy to your sewing room, as well as your dining table!

The curved lines add a delightful twist on the traditional half square triangle block, and results in a wonky star pattern.

Finished size: 106 x 43cm (42 x 17”)

wonky star quilt cutout



Download patterns here


For the background:

  • White with light gold overlay: 0.6m (or 1m cut into six pieces of  12 x 12” if you’re going to cut pieces on a ScanNCut)
  • White on white dots or solid white: 0.3m (or 35cm cut into three pieces of 12 x 12”, keep leftover piece to cut two more)
  • Solid gold: 0.3m (or 35cm cut into 3 pieces of 12 x 12”, keep leftover piece to cut two more. See our table with suggested fabrics to use here)

For the stars:

Fat eighth each of:

  • faded red
  • magenta
  • bright red
  • dark red
  • red purple
  • plum
  • cobalt blue
  • blue purple
  • lime
  • kelly green
  • topaz
  • turquoise

For finishing:

  • Backing and batting: 50 x 110cm
  • Binding: 3 x strips, width of fabric x 4.6” (117mm) to make ¾ “ (19mm) wide binding


  • Sewing machine with a quarter inch foot
  • ScanNCut DX, low tack mat and rotary blade
  • If you’re not using a ScanNCut to cut the pieces - template plastic, small rotary cutter (28mm works well for the curves) and a cutting mat
  • Sharp pins
  • Sewing needles
  • Sewing thread
  • General sewing and cutting supplies

How to

Step 1

Download the templates and transfer to template plastic or your ScanNCut machine.

For cutting with the ScanNcut, we prepared the following files per colour of fabric:

Star blocks: four star points (B) and one centre (C). For efficient cutting, cut four of B and one of C of each colour. To make it easy, we prepared a cutting file like this for you already (D). Scroll down to the bottom of the page for some ScanNCut fabric cutting tips.

Quilt template pieces
Background blocks A: A sheet with A blocks
Background blocks B: A sheet with B blocks

Step 2

Cut all the background fabrics:
From the white with light gold overlay, cut 51 of A.
From white on white dots or solid white, cut 29 of A
From solid gold, cut 31 of B.

Step 3

Following the list below, cut all the pieces for each star.
wonky star quilt with numbered areas

Star no

(cut one square)

(cut 4 points using B)


Faded Red

Magenta (2 points only)



Faded Red


Dark Red

Bright Red


Bright Red

Dark Red


Red Purple



Cobalt Blue

Blue Purple


Blue Purple

Cobalt Blue



Red Purple



Kelly Green


Kelly Green









As you finish cutting each star, add four white A pieces – try to select randomly from the gold overlay and white – and pin all nine pieces together in a little bundle and number it. Cut the golden flares (B) and team each one up with a white A.

Step 4

Construct the star pieces. For each star, sew the coloured triangles (B) to the white triangles (A) (watch our video on how to sew curves). Press them well, and pin into a bundle again with the centre. Sew the golden B pieces to the white A pieces to form squares. Press everything well.
templates of small quilt pieces

Step 5

Following the diagram, lay out the pieces on your design wall or on the floor. Pack in diagonal rows, starting from the top left corner. Review your layout and make sure you are happy with it.

Step 6

Sew the squares together to form rows. Press. Then sew rows together, matching corners and pin. Press well and inspect. If there are any points you do not like, undo that bit and fix it.
layout of the individual quilt parts

Step 7

Sandwich and quilt. We sewed our wonky star quilt together with a simple ‘in the ditch’ stitch. You could do some contour quilting on the stars or on the background if you wanted to. Adding some metallic stitching will make it even more festive.

Step 8

Trim to 3/4 inch (19 mm) from edge intersections. Bind with magenta fabric strips.

quilt before cutting

And then you’re done! If you want to dress your table to impress this year why not check out our following festive projects:


Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. We’d love to see your festive projects and beautiful tables, so why not tag us on Instagram and Facebook? You can follow us there for more free projects, tips, inspiration and competitions.

Extra! Extra!

Tips for cutting perfect quilt pieces with your ScanNCut:

  1. Prepare your file to have all the pieces you need (we’ve already done this for you for this project 😊.
  2. Cut fabrics to the desired size, spray with starch or sizing of your choice and press. Set aside.
  3. When you’re ready to cut, make sure your fabric pieces are completely dry.
  4. If you are cutting smaller pieces, like the star blocks, scan your mat and make sure your pieces are positioned correctly before cutting.
  5. If you are cutting multiples of the same design or design layout, move it a fraction to the top, bottom or sideways before each cut. This way you will not be cutting in exactly the same place every time, and will prolong the life of your mat. If you’d like more ScanNCut mat tips, read our ScanNCut mat blog here.
Colourful star quilt on festive set table

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