quilt made of small squares hanging over fence

Happy blocks summer quilt

This quilt is perfect for beginners – a happy little picnic blanket with cheerful blocks and contrasting quilting. Made of repeated coloured squares it’s a quick and easy quilt to sew.

We’ve included a free embroidery download with the quilt project, so you can add extra embroidery detail that will really make your quilt a stitch about the rest.
red, white and green quilt squares with swirly embroidery stitched on

Embroidery data

Quilting pattern
Finished size: 146 x 146
Stitches: 5725
Colours: 1

Please note:

This design is only for machines that can take a 150 x 150mm or larger hoop.
The design is in PEN format and can only be read by Brother embroidery machines. This design is not editable.


Happy blocks quilt materials

  • 2 x charm packs or fat quarters in four colours – choose three to four pattern variations in each colour
  • 50cm white fabric
  • Backing: 1m square
  • Acrylic batting: 1m square
  • Binding: 40cm
  • Sewing and embroidery machine
  • Sewing thread
  • Embroidery thread
  • Sewing and embroidery feet
  • Sewing and embroidery needles
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Pins

Finished size: 32 ¼” (82cm) square


Happy blocks quilt how to

a quilt made of red, white and green square blocks that are repeated

Step 1

If you’re using a charm pack, cut the squares into half and again in half, so you get four squares of 2 ½” from each piece.
If you’re using fat quarters, cut 2 ½” strips and then cut those into blocks.

Step 2

Sew nine blocks together to form a block – mix the patterns up to be a bit random. Assign the centre block with the most prominent colour and then four each of the other colours.

Step 3

Press the seam open and trim each block to 6 ¼”.

Step 4

Cut 12 white squares, each 6 ¼” square.

Step 5

Arrange your sewn blocks and white squares into five rows of five. Use the layout diagram (below) as inspiration.

quilt pattern layout drawing made of red, white and green squares

Step 6

Sew the blocks together to form strips, press seams open and then sew the strips together.

Step 7

We made a fun, irregular border to finish our happy blocks quilt. To do this use a variety of rectangles and squares, all 2 ¾” wide. Piece them to fit on each side and place a square of a prominent colour on the corners. Sew these small pieces together to create four long strips that fit to the sides of your quilt (2 x A, 2 x B - see below diagram for the length of the strips needed).

quilt pattern layout drawing made of red, white and green squares

Step 8

Place a shorter strip (A) right side to right side along the top of your quilt. Sew along the edge, fold out and then press flat. Repeat with bottom of quilt. Place a longer strip (B) right sides facing, along the side of your quilt. Sew along the edge, fold out and press flat. Repeat with other side.

Step 9

Press the top and backing. Sandwich, and baste with basting spray.

Step 10

Hoop your quilt and start from the centre, working outwards. You can use a conventional embroidery hoop, however a magnetic embroidery hoop makes quilting blocks easier and neater if you have one.

Remember, even the best quilters do not get their squares perfectly sized, so use your machine’s in-built editing tools (sizing and rotating) to get each design unit positioned perfectly on the block.

Tip: depending on which embroidery machine you have you can stitch two blocks at a time. Use My Design Snap on your Stellaire or the camera on the Luminaire to ensure perfect placement on each square.

Step 11

Trim your quilted project so it is square, and bind.


We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

a quilt made of red, white and green square blocks that are repeated

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