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Designed for those whose creativity knows no bounds and who demand a professional finish every time, we’ve built the Stellaire series just for you.

My Design Snap app on mobile in front of embroidery of flamingos

Perfect Positioning

Perfect embroidery has never been so easy to achieve with the Brother ‘My Design Snap’ app.

Different decorative sewing stitches on teal fabric

Express yourself

727 built-in decorative stitches, and 4 sewing fonts (XJ1) and 727 embroidery designs, including Disney and monograms (XJ1 and XE1).

White children's tent and pillows embroidered with Disney designs

Disney Magic

With 101 Disney embroidery patterns built in, the Stellaire brings the magic of Disney directly into your home.

Discover professional level technology that will bring your creativity to life.

Brother Stellaire Innov-is XJ1 sewing and embroidery machine

Stellaire Innov-is XJ1

Combination sewing, quilting and embroidery machine

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Enhanced Embroidery Experience (XJ1 & XE1)

  • Large embroidery area of 240 x 360mm (9.5 x 14")
  • Fast, quiet embroidery speeds of up to 1,050spm
  • Easily edit embroidery designs and fonts
  • Easy-to-use text editing
  • Colour shuffling - choose your design, then choose your colours
  • Enhanced thread palettes with expanded brand and colour choices
  • Built-in LED needle drop pointer
  • Fuss-free Stippling – add around your chosen design with the touch of a button
  • Over 700 built-in embroidery designs

Professional-level sewing features (XJ1)

  • Large workspace: 11.25 x 5” (286 x 127 mm)
  • ICAPS – automatic fabric thickness detection keeps foot pressure consistent and stitch length even
  • Advanced motor-driven dual drive foot – easily sew any fabrics, even denims and silks
  • Laser line guide projects a straight line sewing guide directly onto your fabric
  • Lock stitch key - tie-off stitches sewn at the beginning and end of the stitch
  • Wide selection of buttonholes with large one-step buttonhole, up to 6mm width
  • Advanced presser foot control automatically raises after trimming and lowers when you start sewing
  • 577 decorative stitches, 150 utility stitches and four sewing fonts - three alphabet and one Cyrillic
  • My Custom Stitch™ – Create your own decorative stitches straight into your machine via the LCD touchscreen.

Lady drawing circle designs on My Design Center of XE1 machine

My Design Center – powerful and intuitive

Our powerful, easy-to-use editing programme means creating your own custom works of art has never been so easy (or fun!).

Draw or doodle straight into My Design Center using the Stellaire’s large drawing area on the touchscreen. Or use the built-in USB port to import your favourite jpegs and watch in amazement as it’s turned directly into stitch data.

You can even pair My Design Center with My Design Snap to convert your own images into unique embroidery designs. You don’t even need a PC to get designing on your Stellaire!

Two kids standing in front of Disney embroidered tent in garden

Disney magic stitched right in

With 101 Disney embroidery patterns built in, the Stellaire brings the magic of Disney directly into your home. You’ll find family favourites like Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Pluto plus cherished characters from Frozen, Finding Nemo and Cars, just waiting to be stitched into the fabric of your family.



Large embroidery frame with flower design in Stellaire machine

Generous embroidery area

Create multiple appliqué badges or repeating designs at once, with the touch of a button. Sew in multiples using large embroidery area of 240 x 360mm (9.5 x 14").
Pink flower on screen of Stellaire machine with editing functions

On-screen embroidery design

Easily edit embroidery designs and fonts. Add text, duplicate, rotate, mirror and resize with no computer required.
Multiple badges in embroidery frame and on screen of Stellaire

Optimise productivity

Optimise productivity with the colour sort feature, which groups the same colours together for repeated designs. It means less colour changes and faster completion time of your designs.
LED lights of Stellaire machine on dark background

To keep it easy on the eyes

Enhanced LED lighting with five settings, including off, lets you can find the right illumination level for you. We’ve designed the lighting so there’s less glare and minimal shadows.
Zoomed in on pink flower on HD screen of Stellaire

Zoom and adjustment features

For larger than life design edits you can zoom in up to 800% (in My Design Center) or up to 200% in all other modes.
Embroidery foot with red LED pointer on gray fabric

LED needle drop pointer

See exactly where your embroidery will be stitched and reposition accurately using the included LED pointer foot.
Blue embroidered cloth in Stellaire machine showing work area

Room to create

With an 11.25” long arm machine you can achieve anything you can imagine. From quilts to curtains, wedding dresses to bulky coats, there’s space to work quickly and comfortably.
Red laserline on grey fabric showing where to stitch

Straight sewing with laser guideline

Laser line guide projects a straight line sewing guide directly onto your fabric. Sewing straight has never been easier!
Stellaire screen with a tutorial video playing

Built-in How-to tutorial videos

Need some guidance? With up to 24 built-in teaching videos, from basic operations, to embroidery to maintenance – you can even watch or add your own MP4s via USB memory.

The Innov-is Stellaire XJ1 and XE1 feature the latest technologies


  • 11.25” long arm to the right of the needle and 5” height from sewing bed to top of machine arm


  • Almost 11” of full-spectrum lighting around the needle with five adjustable brightness settings

Needle threader

  • Easy to use, automatic needle threading system

Bobbin winder

  • Independent bobbin winder system with adjustable winding speed


  • Wireless LAN capability for exchange of embroidery data with PE-Design 11 and My Design Snap mobile app

Thread  tension

  • Automatic thread tension

Thread cutter

  • Trims upper and lower threads automatically

Presser foot

  • Automatic presser foot lift and extra high lift

Thread sensors

  • Gives you a warning when your upper and lower threads are running low

Teaching movies

  • Up to 24 built-in teaching videos and MP4 playability


  • Save energy with the Eco and Deep Sleep modes

My Design Center

  • Create your own designs on-screen

My Design Snap

  • Mobile app for perfect placement of embroidery designs

LCD Display

  • Large and clear 10.1’’ (800 x 1280px) built-in HD LCD display

Intuitive user interface

  • Easy-to-use screen layout and realistic preview of selected stitches and patterns

USB connectivity

  • Two high-speed USB ports to upload designs easily. Can also use an optional external USB embroidery card reader for older Brother design cards


  • 12 built-in languages

Safety features

  • Easily disengage needle to make changing presser feet and needles safer, and lock the screen to avoid any accidental stitch changes


  • Software update capability

Embroidery area

  • Direct touch button for changing colours of embroidery patterns

Embroidery speed

  • Direct touch button for changing colours of embroidery patterns

Built-in designs

  • Total 727 embroidery pattterns including 101 Disney, monogram and buttonhole shapes

Built-in fonts

  • Built-in 24 embroidery fonts (22 Alphabet & 2 Cyrillic)

Text edit functions

  • Simplified user interface for text input and editing, with various editing capabilities such as curving, arraying and space adjustment

Font sizes

  • S/M/L size for font designs

Built-in frame designs

  • 140 frame pattern combinations

Thread trimming

  • Jump stitch thread trimming with thread wiper


  • On-screen auto density adjustment (Stitch-To-Block) available for embroidery and letters

LED pointer

  • Laser pointer for precise pattern placement

Advanced editing functions

  • Design editing, flip designs horizontally, pattern rotating (0.1, 10 and 90 degrees), drag and drop operation, zoom up to 200%.


  • Embroidery basting

Colour Shuffling
  • Direct touch button for changing colours of embroidery patterns


  • No-fuss stippling in embroidery edit placement

Selecting Designs

  • Quickly sort colours in different designs for optimised sewing order and to minimise thread changes

Colour change

  • Direct touch button for changing colours of embroidery patterns

Resume function

  • Resume your embroidery at the exact spot where you stopped incase of a power failure or accidental interruption

Appliqué creator

  • Built-in Appliqué Creator; create multiple appliqués in one hoop

Optimised colour sorting

  • Quickly sort colours in different designs for optimised sewing order and to minimise thread changes

Frame detection

  • Automatic embroidery frame size detection

Progress bar

  • View the progress of an embroidery pattern or individual colour, and use to move forwards/backwards through the design

Thread palettes

  • Select various thread brands for built-in and external designs

Included frames

  • Two standard frames, compatible with My Design Snap,  included 240 x 360mm (9.5 x 14’’) and 130 x 180mm (5 x 7’’)

Built-in sewing stitches

  • Total of 727 utility, decorative stitches and buttonholes

Lettering fonts

  • Four built-in sewing lettering fonts (three alphabet, 1 Cyrillic)

Sewing speed

  • Sew up to 1,050 stitches per minute

Combination stitches

  • Individual adjustment for combined stitches (depending on category)

My Custom Stitch

  • My Custom Stitch™ gives you the ability to combine and edit custom stitches. Includes 185 built-in sample stitches

Laser guideline marker

  • Guideline marker with 19mm side shift capability

Automatic presser foot pressure

  • Automatic Height Adjuster for automatic presser foot pressure

Lock stitch

  • Reinforcement stitch at start and end of sewing

Dual feed

  • Digital Dual Feed System for even and consistent sewing on all fabrics

Pivot and foot height

  • Lightning-quick pivoting functionality with customisable foot height


  • Square feeding system with powerful and long feed dogs

Needle plate detector

  • Needle plate detector for safe operation

Straight stitch

  • Straight stitch needle plate and straight stitch foot included

Free motion

  • Presser foot height adjusts according to the thickness of the fabric

Drop feed function

  • Convert to free motion mode easily with a touch of a button on screen

Automatic presser foot functions

  • Bring presser foot down automatically using the Start/Stop button, knee lift and foot pedal

Exclusive Dealer Support

We're at your side every step of the way.

Authorized Brother Dealers will show you how to get the best out of your Stellaire Innov-is XJ1 and XE1, and support you with whatever questions you may have now and in the future.
And for your peace of mind, we have extended the warranty period to 5 years, totally free of charge.
Brother – always at your side. 

Accessories for sewing, embroidery, overlock and quilting machines

Optional Accessories

From stylish storage, to extra-large extensions and endless ways to accessorise, we’ve got everything you need to take your creating to the next level.

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*Disclaimer – 1-year warranty only if using for business.

Disney embroidery patterns contained in this product are for personal non-commercial use only. No license is granted for any commercial use of these patterns and any such use is strictly prohibited.
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