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linen placemat with embroidered thyme motif

Make thyme at the table

Thyme is an evocative herb, its scent transporting us to hot summer days on Greek hills, sitting down to a meal with family, or standing around the BBQ with our friends.

Stitch out these thyme embroidered placemats so you can make even more happy memories associated with this fragrant herb.

beige linen placemat with embroidered thyme motif

Embroidery data

Download embroidery file here

Finished size: 156 x 227mm
Stitches: 10865
Colours: 6

Please note:

This design is only for machines that can take a 260 x 160mm or larger hoop.
The design is in PEN format and can only be read by Brother embroidery machines. This design is not editable.

Material suggested

We used a ready-made linen placemat.

Stabiliser required

Tearaway or trick film for floating.

Stitch out tips and techniques

Placemats are usually too small to hoop on their own and need to be ‘floated’ on the backing stabiliser.
We recommend that you float the placemat on top of tearaway or trick film.
Hoop a double layer and place the placemat on top. Secure with a basting stitch.
A flat magnetic hoop will work well too, but you may still have to add stabiliser to get good placement.

We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

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