1. Introduction

The following terms of use are intended for the user of this Website. By using our Website, you agree with the terms of use. You should read our terms of use before using our Website. The terms are the same for all users and legally binding.

2. Use of the Website

Brother makes a distinction between two types of users:

  1. Private users
    Private users may either use the Website as guests or register as a user of the Website.

  2. Retailers
    Brother will provide retailers with a password. Retailers can use the password to log in as users.
    The password will change every six months. Brother will inform the retailer of the new password in due time.

3. Use of the Site by Minors

Minors may only register as users on the Website if they have parental permission.

4. Links to Third Party Sites

This Website may be linked with websites of our partner networks, advertising partners and affiliates or other third parties. In this case, separate privacy policies apply. Brother is not responsible for these policies and does not assume any liability in such cases.

5. Intellectual Property

Brother or third parties who have licensed Brother reserve any property rights to protect intellectual property (rights that may be protected by copyright law, design law, trademark law, and other property rights to intellectual property) with regard to documents, programs, films, animations, articles, drawings, databases, trademarks, logos, and other available materials on the Website (the "Information"). The user must not reproduce, distribute, modify, expose, display, publicly transmit or produce by-products of all or part of the Information, regardless of the medium, without prior written consent. All design patterns as well as embroidery designs are subject to the copyright owned by Brother and its partners. The user may use them only for private purposes and the purposes for which they have been created. The embroidery designs and design patterns as well as the products generated in connection with them must not be put on the market for sale.

6. Disclaimer

Brother endeavors to collect correct and current Information on the Website; therefore, Brother provides no guarantees and makes no representations, express or implied, for its correctness or aptness (including representations that any particular information fits your purpose or that the Information is free from bugs or computer viruses) and does not provide any guarantees regarding said Information. Brother assumes no liability for any errors or omissions in the Information on the Website and is by no means liable for any breach, loss or damages of any kind, including, but not limited to PC errors, data loss, loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption or any indirect, particular, incidental, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages of any kind that result from the use of the Information on the Website, the use of received Information related to the Website or the inability to use the Website or other related websites. This shall not limit the liability of Brother in case of any breach of legal requirements within applicable law.

7. Applicable Law

German law shall apply.