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Geborduurde voorjaarsbloemen

Nothing announces the arrival of spring like a delicate daffodil, cheerful ranunculi or pretty muscari.


Our spring flower embroidery files are the perfect size to stitch out and hang on the wall or in a window to cheer you up and remind you of the promise of spring.

Materials and equipment

  • Cotton fabric
  • Stabiliser
  • Embroidery thread
  • Embroidery machine, like the Innov-is NV880E
  • Hand embroidery hoops (for final decoration)

Download all embroidery patterns here

Embroidered yellow daffodil on white fabric.


Available in two sizes:

Size 1:
Finished size: 80 x 98 mm
Total stitches:
Colours: 7

Download pattern here

Size 2:
Finished size: 97.5 x 120 mm
Total stitches:
Colours: 7

Download pattern here

Two pink renenculus flower embroideries


Finished size: 99 x 95 mm
Total stitches: 9919
Colours: 8

Download pattern here

Two purple embroidered muskari flowers on white fabric


Finished size: 89,4 x 146,6 mm
Total stitches: 19544
Colours: 3

Download pattern here

We embroidered these pretty spring flowers on a floral white-on-white cotton fabric and hooped them in wooden hand embroidery hoops. How will you stitch yours out?

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