Ruffler foot on wooden background

Hassle-free ruffles with your overlocker

Want to add ruffles to your clothing, but can’t stand the idea of having to sew rows of gathering stitches?

Imagine if there was a way to create ruffles without having to pull rows of stitches up and pin them, without having to then trim and zig zag…

That would be pretty cool, right? Well, with the gathering foot on your overlocker you can do exactly that!

The overlocker gathering foot (affectionately called the ruffler foot by me since it just sounds cuter) is a pretty amazing little attachment, and once you get the hang of it you will be ruffling away.

How does it work?

The gathering (ruffler ;P) foot looks like a normal overlocker foot, but has an extra plate at the bottom. This allows you to feed one layer of fabric straight on to the feed dogs, while the other layer is fed through flat.

The bottom layer – your ruffle – will be gathered while the top layer will remain smooth, and the two layers are sewn together and overlocked, all at the same time. Making a dress or skirt like the ones in our main picture is so fast when you use this useful little attachment.

How to use the ruffler foot

Remove the existing foot by pressing the black button at the back of the shank. Attach the ruffler foot.

Change the machine settings. You can view our easy tutorial video here or see below:

Needles: 2

Threads: 4

Tension: 4 on all dials

Differential feed: 2 (maximum)

Stitch length: 3 (normal)

Differential feed dial on overlocker
Stitch length dial on overlocker
Place the fabric that is going to be the ruffle between the feed dogs and the bottom of the foot.
Pink fabric under ruffler foot on white overlocker
Slide the fabric which the ruffle is going to be attached to into the groove, aligning the edge to the plate on the right. Lower the foot.
Pink fabric and floral fabric on overlocker
Pink fabric and floral fabric on overlocker
Start sewing, making sure the two layers are both feeding through to the needles. Keep the top layer and bottom layer separate – they need to feed into the machine separately, as they will be moving at different speed.

You will also notice that the top layer is not being cut – just make sure you keep this layer aligned with the plate on the right side. The bottom layer (the ruffle) is fed through the blade. Make sure it cuts at least 5mm off the edge of the fabric to ensure a neat seam.
Pink fabric and floral fabric on overlocker
At the end of the seam, remove from the machine and fold open – voila! You have made a ruffle, attached it to the base and finished the seam all in one go.
Pink fabric ruffle and floral fabric sewn together
Right Side
Wrong side of floral fabric on white background
Wrong Side
What will you make with the gathering foot? If you need some inspiration we’ve got a super easy ruffled skirt sewing project that can be done just with your overlocker – find the free project here.

We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

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