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Sewn for sewing

My partner Keith likes to garden. We only have a little green space but he's always out there getting his hands dirty, and quite often his clothes too... so I decided to make him something to keep him dirt free and an item to stop him getting cold in the British weather.


To stop the dirt, I made him a garden apron. I drafted the pattern myself, as they're fairly simple pieces. The fabric I used for the apron was this wax cotton that luckily I had left over from work: it's a great material for outdoors as it's water resistant and it also repels all the soil and dirt.

Tip: because waxed cotton shows marks easily you don’t need to use pencil or chalk, you can mark cutting lines with any sharp object, even your fingernail. Your sewing machine will leave marks on the cotton, you can leave them for a rugged look, or use a hairdryer (move around, don’t hover in one spot) to soften the wax. Once the wax has softened a little you can ‘smooth’ out the marks with your fingers.

I included a pocket at the front of the apron which Keith uses to carry little garden tools.  The straps and ties were made using a peacock feather print cotton that he chose himself from my sewing scraps. I also made a little hidden pocket - the perfect size for a packet of seeds!

seed pocket on waist of dark green gardening apron
A lot of the garden aprons on the market are very expensive so it was nice to avoid the cost of buying one and they're so easy to make too - I did the whole thing from drafting the pattern to completing the sewing of the apron in half a day.

Tip: you can find a simple apron pattern here.

I also made him a gardening overshirt out of a cotton canvas. This was actually one of the first ever pieces of clothing I'd sewn, I loved the process of making it so much (and Keith looked great with it on) that it influenced me to apply for the Great British Sewing Bee. It's definitely a key garment in this crazy sewing journey I'm on. The pattern is from Wardrobe By Me (a fantastic independent pattern maker that I love) and the overshirt keeps Keith warm when gardening in the chillier weather.
man in green shirt watering seedlings
Now that Spring is back it's really nice seeing Keith wearing these items again. I particularly love that it brings my passion for sewing together with his love of gardening. It’s also nice to know I'll get some lovely cut flowers for the sewing room later on in the year which is definitely payment enough for me. :)
man wearing a green shirt and a dark green apron

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