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Embroidered fabric letter A hanging in a plant

Make it personal this Christmas

I love getting into the Christmas spirit by decorating the house.

However, Christmas decorations are often made from plastic and are so flimsy that they end up in the bin at the end of the festive period. The mass-produced ‘hand decorated’ ones are made in sweatshops around the world. Did you ever stop to think how something handmade could be sold so cheaply?

Personalised decorations are great for welcoming winter into your own home, and the homes of the people you love. They’ll be treasured and long lasting. These make great stocking fillers, or small gifts. And they’re so pretty they can be kept up all year long!

You could keep it simple and make one letter for the person you’re gifting too. Or make a series and spell their name, a word, or give them a letter to represent the name of each person in their family. If you use a non-festive fabric these decorations are great for birthday gifts, wedding favours or party decorations too.

Personalised decorations

Materials needed to make sewn fabric Christmas decortaions

Materials needed

  • Fabric (why not try something festive?)
  • Ribbon, yarn or string to use to hang your decoration
  • Filling material
  • Embroidery thread/lace/trims/sequins
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Hand sewing needle and thread

Step 1: download pattern

Choose your letter from the downloadable printout and cut it out as a template.


Download here

Decorative letter A traced onto grey fabric

Step 2: prepare the pattern pieces

  • Lay out your chosen fabric on a flat surface and iron it to remove any wrinkles. This will make sewing easier and result in a neater finished product.
  • Using the prepared pattern cut out the required shapes on folded fabric to make two reflecting shapes.
  • Hand embroider these pieces to decorate as you wish. You can follow my suggestions on the guide or go wild yourself! 

Tip: you may find it easier to hand embroider before you cut the shapes out, as they can be quite fiddly otherwise.

hand embroidered letter A on yellow velvet
Hand embroidered velvet letter A cut out

Step 3: pin the fabric pieces

  • Align the fabric pieces together with the right sides facing each other. Pin the edges together to prevent them from shifting while sewing.
  • Add the ribbon or chosen hanging material as a loop from the top of the letter, inwards (and therefore encased in the letter).  I have used handmade pompoms.
Fabric letter A with embroidery and pins

Step 4: sewing

Using a sewing machine, start sewing along the edges of the pinned fabric pieces. Leave a small opening (1.5cm) unstitched.
Green fabric letter C under sewing machine foot

Step 5: trim and clip

Once you have finished sewing, trim any excess fabric or uneven corners. Next, carefully clip small notches around the curves of the decoration. This will help the fabric lay flat when turned right side out.
Sewing snips with clipped fabric corners

Step 6: turn right side out

Through the small opening, gently push the decoration inside out. Use a blunt object, such as a pencil, to push out the corners for a crisp look. Ensure all the edges are fully turned out.

Step 7: stuff the decoration 

Fill the personalised decoration with stuffing or filling material through the opening. Stuff it gradually and evenly to achieve the desired shape and fullness. Avoid overstuffing as it may distort the letter.

Step 8: hand stitch the opening 

Using a hand needle and thread, neatly stitch the small opening closed. Ensure the stitches are secure but do not show prominently. Double knot the thread at the end and trim any excess.
Embroidered letter fabric Christmas decorations

Step 9: Decorating (optional)

If you wish to add some extra decorative elements, now is the time to do so. Attach sequins, beads, or ribbons using a needle and thread or fabric glue. Be creative and personalise your Christmas decoration according to your taste.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully sewn a personalised Christmas decoration! Whether you end up choosing to keep it for yourself, or do share with a good friend, please tag me on my Instagram and also Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can admire your makes! Happy Sewing :) 

If you’re looking for other sustainable Christmas presents, why not check out my makeup bag and eye mask projects?

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