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Machine embroidered cushion with peonies and chair

Embroidered peonies

Change a simple cushion cover or a bag into something special with an embroidered bouquet of peonies.

This delicate peony design stitches out beautifully on light coloured fabrics, as the petals and leaves have looser stitching in a sketched style. Darker fabrics may also be successful if contrasting thread colours are used.


Download design

Embroidery data

Size: 295 x 148mm
Stitches: 42 193
Colours: 15

Please note

This design is only for Brother embroidery machines that can take a 300 x 200mm or larger hoop.

Fabric suggested

This design can be stitched onto any fabric as the stich density is low.

Stabiliser required

Use the right stabiliser for your project. If you need help knowing which stabiliser would be best for which fabric, read our helpful blog post.


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