Embroidery and easter eggs on cream placemat

Easter appliqués

Embroider a cute chicken or a chocolate bunny with a carrot on your table linen for Easter. The appliqué technique is fast plus you can coordinate your designs with the rest of your décor by using scraps of the same fabric. Here are three free designs you can use singly or combine.


Appliqués are quick and easy to make with your embroidery machine. These three designs are great to add a bit of colour and fun to anything from table linen to clothes. The fabric used for the appliqués is your own choice, so you should change the colours of the thread to a matching shade.


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Embroidery data

Blue and yellow chick embroidered on cream napkin


Finished size: 72.4 x 91.6mm
Colours: 6

Orange carrot and brown bunny embroidered on placemat

Chocolate bunny and carrot

The bunny and carrot are separate files, each fitting into a 10 x 10cm hoop. 

Tip: If you have a machine with a larger hoop size, you can add the two designs to the same hoop by loading one design and then adding the next one.


Size: 52.4 x 94.6mm
Stitches: 2558
Colours: 2


Size: 67.4 x 94.8mm
Stitches: 4296
Colours: 2

Fabric suggested

These can be stitched onto any fabric, bar really light or translucent fabrics. We used pre-made napkins and a placemat.

Stabiliser required

Use a suitable stabiliser for your project according to the fabric it was made from. If you need help knowing which stabiliser would be best for which fabric, read our helpful blog post.

General design notes

When you open the designs on your machine, you will notice that the positioning and tack down stitches are shown as different thread colours from the satin stitch. You can use the colour you want the satin stitch to be for all of these steps. Make sure to hoop your work well and use very sharp pointed appliqué scissors to trim the fabric.


We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

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