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Turquoise floral butterfly embroidery with quilted background

My Design Center 01: combining background fills with a built-in design

If you have an embroidery machine with My Design Center (XP3, XP1, XE1, XJ1, PR1055X, PR560W), you have a huge selection of editing options available at your fingertips.

These in-built tools allow you to create your own embroidery designs without needing to download new designs or have embroidery digitising software on your computer. You can create completely bespoke designs directly on your machine without even touching your computer.

Follow the steps below to create your own bespoke design! This quilted butterfly embroidery design has been created on the XP3. Other machines with My Design Center may have slightly different options and features.

Butterfly embroidery with quilted background

Step 1

Select an embroidery design. This can be a built-in design as we’re going to change it to make it bespoke.
Hand with stylus choosing butterfly embroidery on Brother XP3 screen

Step 2

Go to Edit → Colour Pallette → Colour Shuffle.
Step-by-step image choosing butterfly embroidery pattern on screen

Step 3

Reduce number of colours if preferred → Select shuffle type – Random, Vivid, Gradient or Soft → Pick either Auto or Manual. If Manual is selected, choose a colour(s).
Hand with stylus choosing colour shuffle on Brother XP3 screen

Step 4

Press the ‘Refresh’ button to see more colour choices → Press the heart on the designs you like while scrolling through the options → Press the ‘Favourites’ button to compare these designs → When you’ve found your favourite, press ‘Set’.

Changing embroidery colour with manual colour shuffle on XP3 screen

Step 5

Back on the colour pallette screen, select any colours from the stitch list that you’d like to change → Select one colour at a time and then select the new colour. 

Changing embroidery colour with manual colour shuffle on XP3 screen

Step 6

Zoom in to see your design more closely press the hoop icon button → Then press the + magnifying glass → Then press ‘Close’.

checking embroidery pattern fits Brother XP3 hoop on screen

Step 7

When you’re happy with your colour choices press ‘Ok’ to return to the main edit screen.

If you want to resize your design, press ‘Edit’, and then ‘Size’.

In the size menu, you have two main options:

  1. Standard resize (left button with the square), and
  2. Stitch to block (right button with the zig-zag). 

Stitch to block will allow you to resize your design with less restriction compared to standard resizing. This is because the stitch to block option will recalculate the stitches in the design rather than stretching them or squashing them.

Resizing butterfly embroidery design on Brother XP3 screen

Step 8

Back in the ‘Edit’ menu press the flower icon. This gives you an outline shape of your design → Alter the distance from the design using the + and - buttons → When you’re happy, press ‘Memory’. This will save your outline in My Design Center → Press ‘Ok’.
Adding outline to butterfly embroidery design on Brother XP3 screen

Step 9

Press the ‘Add’ button → Then press the ‘My Design Center’ button.
Saving butterfly embroidery design to Brother My Design Center

Step 10

In My Design Center, press the ‘Shapes’ button.

Hand with stylus pressing ‘shapes’ button on Brother XP3 screen

Step 11

Press the ‘Flower’ button (the same symbol as on the edit page) → Then press the outline of your design.
Pressing flower button in Brother My Design Center to add outline

Step 12

Repeat these steps but this time add a square outline to the design page.
Pressing square button in Brother My Design Center to add outline

Step 13

Press the ‘Size’ button → Then press the keypad button → Type in the width and height that you’d like your square to be, making sure it fits around your original design - I did 272 x 272mm for mine → Press ‘Ok’.
Resizing embroidery outline in Brother My Design Center

Step 14

Press the fill/region settings button → Then press the decorative fill button → Select a decorative fill pattern, choose a colour and press ‘Ok’.
Pressing embroidery fill button in Brother My Design Center

Step 15

Make sure your fill/region paint pot is selected → Then tap anywhere within the area between your outer square and your original design to fill this area with the decorative fill pattern.
Pressing paint box button to add embroidery fill My Design Center

Step 16

Press the outline settings button → Then select a different outline → Choose a colour and press ‘Ok’.
Selecting embroidery outline in My Design Center on XP3

Step 17

Make sure your outline paint pot is selected → Then tap on the outline that you’d like to apply this stitch and colour to → Repeat this for the square outline too if desired.

Changing outline embroidery stitch in My Design Center on XP3
Tip: use the magnifying glass and panning tool to get a closer look at your design.
Using magnifying glass button to zoom in on XP3 screen

Step 18

When you’ve finished creating your design press ‘Next’ → Use the arrows to view each element of your design → Change the settings for each element if desired - I changed the chain stitch size from 4.0mm to 5.0mm → Press ‘Ok’ after changing any settings.
Using next button to view embroidery in My Design Center on XP3

Step 19

It’s a good idea to save your design at this stage, so you can make additional changes to it another time - press ‘Memory’ → Then press ‘Set’ → Then ‘Ok’.
Using memory button to save embroidery design in My Design Center

Step 20

You’ll see that your decorative fill pattern has been placed perfectly around your original design! → Press ‘Embroidery’ → Then ‘Memory’ if you want to save the design.
Pressing memory to save embroidery in My Design Center on XP3

Step 21

Stitching time! → Hoop up your fabric and stitch and tear stabiliser → You can use a thin wadding/batting to give the design more of a quilted effect → Wind your bobbin and get your top thread colours ready. I’ve used some Madeira Sensa Thread for my design.

Close up of bobbin winder and green thread on Brother Luminaire XP3
We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

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