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Autumn leaves applique and embroidery

Flowing autumn leaves embroidery

Don’t you wish you capture the beautiful colours of autumn and bring them indoors to enjoy? With this free embroidery pattern, you can! 

This elegant design features appliqué backgrounds and swirling outlines in cosy autumn colours. We used printed flannel for the appliqué for a soft, matte effect.

This design is suitable for use on embroidery machines with a 240 x 360mm embroidery area, like the Brother Stellaire and Luminaire.

Download the free embroidery design

Embroidery data 

Autumn Leaves 
Size: 352.8 x 120.8mm 
Stitches: 18 144 
Colours: 10 

Material suggested 
These can be stitched on any medium to heavy weight fabric, however it is especially suitable for sewing onto linen or canvas. 

Stabiliser required 

Use the right stabiliser for your project. If you need help knowing which stabiliser would be best for which fabric, read our helpful blog post

General design note 

The appliqué colours are indicative only. You can choose any colour combinations that suit your home’s décor or personal taste. Please note, you will need to match your thread colours to the fabric you choose. The design is supposed to be slightly off-centre and flowing.


We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

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