ScanNCut papercut yellow daffodils on windowsill

Papercut daffodils

Daffodils are like a ray of sunshine, bringing the promise of warm, sunny days with them. Make your own sunshine with a posy of paper daffodils. Read on and we’ll show you how simple it is on your ScanNCut.

Green, yellow, orange cardstock on ScanNCut cutting mat


  • Light weight cardstock in yellow, light orange, green and soft yellow
  • Flower stamens (look in the cake icing section of your craft shop) – we used a light green colour. White or lemon yellow would be good too
  • Florist’s tape: green
  • Florist’s wire: 25 – 30cm long pieces. The ones that are already coated with a layer of tape are easiest to use
  • Cutting files (download using blue button below

Download here

Papercraft cutting and gluing tools on white wooden background


  • ScanNCut machine
  • Low tack mat and normal blade
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Small pliers and sidecutters
  • General craft tools


How to

Step 1

Download all the ScanNCut cutting files using the blue button in the materials list above.

Preview of daffodils cutting files on ScanNCut mat

A – pistil
B – corona
C – stamens
D – petals
E – leaves

Transfer and save all cutting files to your ScanNCut machine.

Note: Each mat has the elements for two sizes. If you want to make many flowers, duplicate the elements on each mat, then save to your machine for easy recall.

Step 2

Cut cardstock leaves and petal pieces

Cut out each of the elements using your ScanNCut:

  • Pistil (A) from green card – that is the thick bit just below the flower on the stem. You need one ovary for each flower
  • Corona (B) from light orange card
  • Stamens (C) from soft yellow card
  • Petals (D) from yellow card
  • Leaves (E) from green card – you can use two shades for a more natural appearance.
    Cut as many leaves as you choose to have.

Step 3

Remove all the cut paper pieces from your ScanNCut cutting mat. Place the parts for each paper flower together. Follow the easy instruction video (above) and the instructions (below).

Tip: watch the video all the way through first if you can – it makes it so much easier. If your browser won’t support the video here, head over to our YouTube channel and you can watch our Papercut Daffodil video there. Why not give us a follow, and then you’ll never miss another free pattern video from us again!

Step 4 - form the pistil (A):

You need to roll the whole triangle piece tightly around the wire.

Start by bending the wider part of the triangle over a pencil and shaping it into the start of a roll. Add a drop of hot glue, and fix at about 1cm from the one end of the florist’s wire. Add more glue and roll the triangle tightly around the wire, all the while gluing it in place.

Attach some florist’s tape to the top of the pistil, at an angle, and cover the ovary by rolling the wire and attaching the tape in an overlapping spiral. Keep rolling until the entire piece of wire is covered.

Step 5 - form the corona (B):

Score the paper to curl inwards. Roll the tops of the corona petals to curl to the outside.

Give each petal a small fold along the centre. Fold the base in by folding on the perforated line.

Place a drop of glue just after the fourth petal. Then carefully roll the first four petals and place the tab on the glue so a tube forms. Keep rolling the rest of the petals – try to overlap the petals slightly with the gaps formed in the first layer. Glue the second tab in place to keep the tube in place.

Step 5 - prepare the stamens (C):

Bend the stamens over a pencil or the end of your ScanNCut spatula to curve outward. Roll and glue into a roll.

Step 6 - shape the petals (D):

Lightly bend the petals along the length and roll them to slightly curve upwards.

Stack the two pieces so the paper petals overlap, then insert the wire from below.

Using a set of small pliers, bend the wire just above the hole in the centre of the petals. Glue petals and wire in place.

Step 7 - assembling the flower:

Apply some glue to the base of the corona and fix in place in the centre of the flower.

Apply glue to the bottom of the stamens and fix inside the corona.

Glue a few of the cake decorating stamens in place in among the paper stamens.

Step 8 - add the leaves (E):

Lightly bend the paper leaves along the length, then score over your ScanNCut spatula to make them curve slightly inward.

Apply a line of glue about 2cm long to the bottom part of the first leaf, and glue in place along the wire. Repeat with the second leaf, a few CM above the first.

Fix the florist’s tape to the end of the wire. Working at an angle, wrap the wire until you have covered the lower 1 – 2 cm of both leaves. Cut the tape and press down to secure.

There you have it, some evergreen ScanNCut paper daffodils! Why not make a bunch in different sizes and display them in a vase to create a centerpiece for your table or window display?

We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

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