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Love gnomes Valentine’s card and bag

Sweet and simple – a heartfelt, handmade Valentine’s Day card does not have to be fancy to get the message across. With our cute papercraft gnomes Honey and Babe, you’ll be sure to get your heart’s desire across loud and clear.

For this handmade card and giftbag project we’ve used layers of mounting boards and a clever cut out heart on the inside. Simple but effective!


  • Cardstock in bright red, dark red, white and blue
  • Double sided tape
  • Gift bag


  • ScanNCut machine
  • Standard blade
  • Standard cutting mat
  • Pen holder, black pen tip and purple pen tip
  • Printer (colour printing required)


Cutting files - Card

Love gnomes on gift bag and heart card

How to

Step 1

Download all files and transfer to your ScanNCut. Save on the machine.

Step 2

Download the gnome images. Using a colour printer, print the three gnome pictures onto white card.

Step 3

Adhere the gnome printouts to your cutting mat and insert the normal blade into your machine. Using the ‘direct cut’ function, scan your prints and cut out the images, leaving 1cm of blank space border around the outer edge of each cut out. Remove them from the mat and set aside.

Step 4

Place the blue card onto the cutting mat and cut the card base (cutting file A). Remove from mat and set aside.

Step 5

Load cutting file B. Delete the bottom part with the heart mounting. Adhere white card to your cutting mat, insert the pen holder and purple pen tip. Select ‘draw’ – the message will be drawn.

Step 6

When it has finished drawing, select ‘cut’, change to the blade, and the heart will be cut out. Set aside.

Step 7

Call up the same file (B) again, this time deleting the heart with the message. Adhere bright red card to the cutting mat and cut.

Step 8

Load cutting file C. Adhere a piece of bright red card at the top of your mat and dark red at the bottom. Insert a black pen tip to the pen holder. Select draw to draw the heart background pattern.

Step 9

Once it has finished drawing do not take the mat out of the machine. Change to ‘cut’ and cut the two mounting pieces.

Step 10

On the front of the blue card base, stick the dark red mounting, followed by the light red mounting (with the heart pattern on it) and then the two single gnome picture cut outs. Remember the card is in landscape format.

Step 11

On the inside of the card, adhere the red cut out, and then stick the white heart with the greeting, centred in the cut out area.

Tip: as a special effect, you can mount the gnome pictures with thin foam tape – this will lift them off the background and give the card a little movement.

Gift bag with colourful love gnomes on front

Step 12

Adhere the double gnome image to the front of your gift bag. Now it’s time to deliver! Will you sign your card, or will you keep your crush a secret?

If you’re feeling the love for your ScanNCut, check out this LOVE-ly calligraphy and foiling project. Or head to the Cutting Corner section of our blog for plenty of free craft projects, how tos and inspiration.

If you’re head over heels in love with our gnomes Honey and Babe, we have the cutest figurine sewing project for you - find it here. Want even more gnomes? How about these quilted and appliquéd cushions, that you can cut with your ScanNCut and then sew yourself? And there’s even a free embroidery design for you to download and stitch out, get it here.

We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

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