3D paper stars in green, pink and blue

3D paper stars

With their repeated lace pattern, these beautiful 3D paper stars will enchant anyone who beholds them.


We’ve made our stars out of jewel coloured paper to match the rest of our festive table projects, but you can match any scheme by changing the colour of the paper used.

To make them even more magical, we mounted three removable hooks to the ceiling above the dining table and hung them just above sitting eye level. Slow, twirling stars above; good food and great company below.

3D paper stars hanging over set table

How to

We made the stars in two sizes: the large pink star measures approximately 50cm across. It uses six 12 x 12” sheets of paper.

The smaller green and blue stars measure approximately 35cm across. They use one and a half sheets of paper each.


  • 230 gsm cardstock that is coloured all the way through (no white in the middle)
  • Strong double-sided tape


Download cutting files here
3D paper stars in blue and pink


Step 1

Download the files and send them to your ScanNCut.

Step 2

For the large star:
Open the pattern for the large star design (A). Load your first sheet of paper into your ScanNCut and cut. Cut six sheets of the large design. Gently remove from your cutting mat.

For the small star:
Open the pattern for the small star design (B). Load your first sheet of paper. Cut one sheet (that will give you four star segments), then delete two segments on the design and cut two more from your second sheet. Gently remove these from your ScanNCut mat.

Step 3

Using the stylus from your ScanNCut machine, roll the sections to shape them in the direction they will lie. Working from the inside, they go alternatively to the left and to the right. Watch our video of the process above.

Step 4

Add squares of double-sided tape and glue the overlapping points. Apply pressure to make sure they are bonded well. When you have all six sections, add them together as in our video.

Step 5

Punch a hole in one of the points and add a hanging string.

Extra, extra! Mini pendant project!

green 3D paper pendant hanging on christmas tree

You can use one segment of the star as a pendant decoration. Simply prepare it as above, punch a hole and add a hanging loop.

We hope all your celebrations this season go with a swing. If you want to attempt another stellar ScanNCut project, check out our hanging folded star project. We’ve even got a wonky quilt project to match it too!

We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

Designed by Adriana Auret-DuBois and made by Christiaan DuBois, contributors at Handzon.

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