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CanvasWorkspace 101: what is CanvasWorkspace?

One of the greatest features of Brother’s ScanNCut machines is that you do not need a computer to operate them.


When you buy your machine, you’ll find that there are a huge number of designs, shapes and borders already pre-loaded. You can also design directly into the ScanNCut.

However, sometimes you may want to make a more complicated design, or have all of your designs and kits in one place. Don’t worry, we created an app for that – CanvasWorkspace!

CanvasWorkspace is Brother’s free application that allows you to enhance or create your own original cutting and drawing designs.


Where do you get CanvasWorkspace?

Click here. Or, in your browser window, type or copy and paste this link:

There are two versions of CanvasWorkspace: an online (cloud) version, which you can access by going to the CanvasWorkspace site and logging in. It’s best to use it on a computer. It is also available for smart phones and tablets, but with a more limited design functionality than when you use it on a computer.

Plus, there’s a desktop version which you download and install on your computer. You will still log in when you use it.


What’s the difference between the on and offline versions?

In short, you have more design capability with the desktop version. But there’s still so much you can do with the online version!

This is the layout of the online version of CanvasWorkspace.

Canvas Workspace Online Version

The online version is a good place to start for beginners and once you know your way around these tools, you will adapt to the desktop version easily.

The downloadable desktop version looks a little different and has more design tools. The main advantage of it is that it can be used offline if you are not connected to the internet.

This is the first of many articles covering designing on CanvasWorkspace. Make sure you check them all out, but in the meantime why not start designing your own projects today?


Do you need to sign up?

To get started, you need to create an account. CanvasWorkspace is free, there is no registration fee and there are lots of free projects you can download as soon as you’ve signed up.

If you want to access any of the premium (bought) ScanNCut functions, like embossing, or foiling, you will need a CanvasWorkspace account to activate these functions on your machine.

To find out more about opening a free CanvasWorkspace account and watch an instructional video, click here.

More to come

This is the first in a series of posts explaining the ins and outs of CanvasWorkspace. Please visit the ‘Cutting Corner’ section of our blog to find more CanvasWorkspace 101 articles. There you’ll also find lots of free projects, useful how to articles and plenty of inspiration.

What will you make today?

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