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03 - Spring Quilt - Main

ScanNCut Rotary Blade Quilt: part 3

In this third part of the ScanNCut Rotary Blade Quilt series, we’re using geometric shapes to make beautiful butterfly blocks.

There are two different butterfly arrangements in this pattern. One butterfly arrangement has yellow at the top, and one has blue at the top. You need to make three of each.
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 19


If you haven’t started your ScanNCut Rotary Blade Quilt yet, you need to go back to part one. It has all the fabric requirements and an overview of the quilt project.

Go to part 1


If you haven’t made part 2 of the ScanNCut Rotary Blade quilt yet, make sure you go back and make the Dresden Plates, otherwise you’ll be missing a large part of your quilt!

Go to part 2

How to:

Step 1 – cutting the pieces

First of all we need to cut all the fabric pieces. We will use the ScanNCut DX and the rotary blade to cut these pieces.

For your convenience, we have prepared separate cutting files.

Make sure you have a look over the templates and separate your pieces into distinct piles once cut, as some of the pieces could be confused with another.

Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 01

Step 1a

Download your prepared cutting mat files here.

Download here
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 02
Mat 1: background, templates B and F
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 03
Mat 2: background, templates D and E
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 04
Mat 3: top and bottom wings, templates C, A, H, I
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 05
Mat 4: body, template G

Step 1b

Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 06
For each mat template, lay your corresponding fabric on a ScanNCut low tack mat with the fabric wrong side up. Check the fabric required for each mat template in the table above.

Step 1c

Insert the pen holder with the water-soluble pen into your ScanNCut DX. Select ‘Draw’ and draw the sewing lines and pattern numbers onto the fabric.

Step 1d

Without removing the mat or the fabric, replace the pen holder with the rotary blade. Select ‘Cut’ to cut all pieces.

Step 1e

After cutting, sort the pieces into little piles with all the parts you will need to complete each block. It helps to lay them out in the form of the block.
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 07
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 08

Step 2: assembling the blocks

This is a bit of tricky piecing, so if you are unsure, do a practice run first. It is a bit fiddly, but just persevere – pressing can hide a multitude of sins!

Step 2a

Sew top and bottom wings together (A and H or C and I). Sew only to the drawn corner. Press the seam open.
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 09
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 10

Step 2b

Sew D into the indent formed between the top and bottom wing.

Pin to the bottom wing first, matching the drawn tip to the point where the stitching stops on the wing.
Sew to exactly that point and tie off.
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 11

Step 2c

Fold the layers back and repeat with second side and top wing.

Press seams toward wing pieces. You will get a little fold in the seam allowance of the wing pieces – that is normal.
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 12
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 13
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 14

Step 2d

Repeat above with a second set of wings.

Step 2e

Sew the wings to body, again only sew to the drawn corners. Press seams towards wings.
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 15

Step 2f

Sew triangle piece B into the V-shaped opening between the top wings.

Pin one side of triangle to left wing. Sew from drawn corner to drawn corner.

Pivot triangle and sew the same seam on the other side of the triangle and the remaining top wing. The point of the triangle and the top of the body is not sewn together.
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 16
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 17
Rotary Blade Quilt 3 - 18

Step 2g

Repeat at the bottom of the butterfly, inserting background piece F in the same way.

Step 2h

Sew triangle pieces E to the tips on the bottom wings to form a square. Press all seams very well.

Step 2i

Make six butterflies in all. Three x butterfly 1 (blue) and three x butterfly 2 (yellow).


Set aside. We’ll be joining all of these together in Part 4.

We can’t wait to see your quilts coming together. Why not share your quilting journey with us on Instagram and Facebook?

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