Stylish suits

Send your message in style with these sartorial suit cards from John Bloodworth, the Gentleman Crafter.

These ScanNCut cutting files have been created with a variety of mix and match elements. You can use to them to create your own bespoke suit themed cards. They are perfect for those hard-to-make-for men in your life!

Materials needed

The cardstock requirements for this project will vary depending on which parts you wish to cut.

  • Lightweight (180gsm/65lb) cardstock in a variety of colours suitable for suits, shirts and ties. Pieces should not be smaller than 6 x 12” (approximately 15 x 30cm)
  • Bookbinding glue or low moisture/quick tack glue OR double-sided tape

Tip: you can decorate plain white card or use a patterned cardstock if you prefer.

Equipment needed

ScanNCut hardware 


ScanNCut software 

General tools

  • Tweezers (great for handling the small parts)


Download cutting files

How to

Step 1

Download the CanvasWorkspace project file. Open it in CanvasWorkspace (the desktop version). Open the layers tab on the right.

Step 2

Hide and lock all layers except the one you wish to cut.
Make sure that the layer you want to transfer is visible and unlocked.
Transfer this to your machine using the File>Export/Transfer FCM File menu option and cut it out.

Step 3

Repeat for all elements that you wish to use in your project – download the list below to see the available parts that you can choose from.


Download the list


Watch the video for how to put the parts together and for some additional inspiration.


Feel free to rearrange the parts in CanvasWorkspace so you can cut multiple colours at one time.
Using white card means you can use stamps, inks and more to decorate the suits.
Use only tiny dots of glue when applying accessories to avoid a messy finish.


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