paper craft flowers and balsa wood eggs on wooden wreath

Easter wreath

Today I will show you how you can make a ScanNCut papercraft Easter or spring wreath. You can place the wreath in the window, on the wall, on a door (inside the house) or, of course, give it as a beautiful gift.

Easter Wreath on white background


  • Washi tape
  • Wreath made of real (or artificial) branches, mine is about 40 cm in diameter
  • For the decorated eggs:
    - Balsa wood (max. 3 mm thick)
    - Vinyl foil in white
    - Transfer film
  • For the flowers and leaves:
    - Construction paper in white, yellow, orange, pastel pink and green
  • Decoration (feathers, small wooden or real, blown out quail eggs etc)
  • Cutting files (download below)


Download cutting files here

papercraft supplies next to a Brother ScanNCut craft machine


blonde woman holds floral papercraft wreath in craft room

How to

Step 1: Cut the balsa wood eggs with vinyl embellishments

close up of small balsa wood eggs with white vinyl decal on

Step 1A

Attach the balsa wood sheet to the ScanNCut standard cutting mat and fix it with washi tape.
balsa wood stuck to ScanNCut standard cutting mat

Step 1B

Open the eggs pattern (A) on your ScanNCut (download the free cutting patterns using the download button in the materials list).

Step 1C

Scan the balsa sheet using your ScanNCut’s scanning function. Make sure the eggs pattern is lined up with the balsa sheet. Adjust using your ScanNCut’s in-built functions as necessary.

Step 1D

Run a test cut to ensure your ScanNCut can cleanly cut the balsa wood. Make sure the test cutting pattern doesn’t overlap the eggs cutting pattern. Adjust your ScanNCut blade settings as required.

Step 1E

Cut the eggs from the balsa wood.
small balsa wood eggs on ScanNCut standard cutting mat

Step 1F

Place the vinyl foil paper-side down on the ScanNCut low tack mat. Change the standard cutting blade for the vinyl cutting blade following your machine’s instructions. Choose the ‘half cut’ option in the ScanNCut settings.
close up image of hand holding Brother ScanNCut vinyl cutting blade

Step 1G

Open the ‘egg sticker’ cutting patterns (B) on your ScanNCut and cut the embellishments for your eggs from the vinyl.

Step 1H

Once the ScanNCut has stopped cutting the vinyl, remove the mat from the machine. Carefully weed the vinyl foil with the hook.
close up of hand weeding light blue vinyl with ScanNCut hook tool

Step 1I

Remove the backing paper from the transfer film and use the film to pick up the vinyl foil. Use the ScanNCut squeegee tool to make sure there are no bubbles or wrinkles. Then carefully remove the backing paper of the vinyl foil.
close up image of hand using Brother ScanNCut squeegee

Step 1J

Place the vinyl motif in the middle of a wooden egg and smooth it out. The transfer film can then be removed carefully.
hand holding small balsa wood egg and attaching vinyl sticker

Step 2: cut the paper flowers and leaves

Step 2A

Attach the pieces of different coloured craft paper to the ScanNCut cutting mat.
different coloured craft paper on ScanNCut low tack cutting mat

Step 2B

Open the ‘flowers and leaves’ cutting pattern (C). Scan the cutting mat so you can see where to place the flowers and leaves to get the colours right. The paper colours/cutting patterns should align as below:

  • Daffodils: petals white, cup yellow, centre orange
  • Crocuses: petals white, centre yellow
  • Cherry blossoms: petals white, scalloped discus pink or white, spiral pink
  • Leaves: green
using ScanNCut pen to move cutting patterns on ScanNCut screen

Step 2C

Replace the vinyl cutting blade with the standard cutting blade. Cut the leaves and flowers.

Tip: you can cut these flowers and leaves in different sizes to the free cutting pattern. Use your ScanNCut’s in-built editing functions to change the size. Make sure you scale all elements accordingly, so they still fit together.

Step 2D

The petals of the daffodils can be scored on a surface (like a cutting mat) using the tip of the ScanNCut touch pen. You could also use a blunt knife, ruler or other instrument.
using ScanNCut pen to score lines on craft paper flowers

Step 2E

Before assembling the flowers, bend/round all flower petals, and the leaves. Use the ScanNCut touch pen, the spatula handle or a pencil. Pull the tool outwards underneath the petal or leaf. Smaller elements like the cherry blossom or its discus can be rounded within the palm of the hand with the touch pen.
curling white paper petals using the ScanNCut pen

Step 3: assemble the flowers

Step 3A: daffodils

Take two of the white, three petalled white flowers and glue two one on top of the other. Make sure the petals overlap each other, but are not fully on top of each other. Then form the yellow ‘centre’ into a cone and glue. Glue the yellow cone into the centre of the petals. Roll up the orange stamens and glue into the centre of the yellow cone.
gluing two white papercraft flowers one on top of the other
add orange paper stamens to the centre of a papercraft daffodil

Step 3B: crocuses

Roll up the yellow center. Apply glue to the underside of the petals, glue yellow centre to one side and roll up.
hand assembling a white papercraft crocus

Step 3C: cherry blossoms

Glue the pink stamens to the centre of the petals. Roll up the spiral and glue into the centre of the cherry blossom.
hand holding white and light pink papercraft cherry blossom

Step 4: assembling the wreath

Step 4A

First attach the larger flowers (daffodils) to the wreath with hot glue, then the decorated eggs.
wooden wreath surrounded by papercraft flowers and balsa eggs

Step 4B

Once the glue has dried, glue all the other flowers onto the wreath.

Step 4C

Finally glue the green leaves and other decorations such as feathers and small eggs.
papercraft daffodils and cherry blossoms on wooden wreath
This springtime wreath can be hung up by adding a strong nylon thread or string to the back, or on a strong suction cup with a hook on the window. It will also look nice as a central decoration on the Easter table!
papercraft springtime Easter flower wreath in window

I wish you a lot of joy and fun cutting and crafting and a happy Easter!

I can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook, and myself too!

white papercraft floral Easter wreath on Brother ScanNCut

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