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Easter bunting

Get into the Easter spirit with our fun and easy bunting project. Featuring adorable rabbits, carrots and a chick it’s a great rainy day holiday project for the kids!

coloured card stock and ScanNCut equipment on white background


  • Cardstock for rabbit: brown or any rabbit colour
  • Cardstock for other elements: white, yellow, orange and green
  • Sisal string or ribbon
  • Other decorations of your choice to add
  • ScanNCut cutting files (download using the button below)


Download cutting files here


  • ScanNCut machine and low tack mat
  • Normal cutting blade
  • Universal pen holder
  • Orange, green and yellow felt tip or art pens that fit into the universal pen holder
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks or double-sided tape


How to

Step 1

Transfer and save the cutting files to your ScanNCut.

ScanNCut cutting files depicting carrot, rabbits and chick elements

Step 2

Load the appropriate pen into the pen holder, for the pattern you are about to draw/cut (see table under step 4 for paper/corresponding pattern) and then into the machine (watch the video on how to load the pen below).

Step 3

Choose ‘Draw’ on your ScanNCut’s function screen and start drawing. When drawing is complete, change to the normal blade, choose ‘Cut’ and press start.
hand pointing to draw function on ScanNCut function screen

Step 4

Unload the mat and remove cut parts. Repeat this process, cutting all parts for each item. Below is a cutting list.


Cutting list

Cutting list

Step 5 - assembling the carrots

There are three carrots. Cut one quantity of leaves for the three carrots we’ve included on the bunting. Mix and match the sizes – each carrot should have four leaf pieces.

Tip: if you’re making your bunting longer, cut more as per the number of carrots you’ll be using.

Bend along the perforated lines of each leaf. Place a drop of glue at the bottom end of the perforation (close to the sharp point) and stick the other half onto the glue, lining up the edges and wrong sides facing.

Glue two leaves onto the wrong (back) side of one half of a carrot. Then cover with the other half of the carrot and glue all around. Ensure you encase the tips of the leaves between the two layers of the carrot.

Step 6 - assembling the rabbit

To create the rabbit’s tail, glue a circle in place in the centre of the rabbit, about 2 cm from the bottom. Glue and overlap the wedge edges of the other pieces, then glue them onto the circle, starting with the widest and ending with the narrowest.

Glue the mirror images of the rabbit together, lining up the holes for the ribbon neatly.

Step 7 – assembling the chick

Glue the legs wrong sides together. Glue them in place at bottom of one chick body piece. Add the other body piece, and then the two egg pieces on either side of the head. Add an eye and a wing on each side.

Step 8

String the elements together with sisal string or ribbon to match your theme. To fit the size of your window or wall, you can repeat or omit elements. You can also add in other decorations such as feathers, bows, Palm crosses, or anything else you have in your craft stash.



We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

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