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4 napkin rings on table

Star napkin rings

Looking for a stellar table setting style? Look no further than these star-cut leather napkin rings in sumptuous jewel colours.

For these napkin rings, we’re used leather, but you can use any firm material like card, plastic, or foam. Just make sure it’s not over 3mm thick, so it can still be cut on your ScanNCut.

To tie your festive table setting together, why not make your own cloth napkins to match these napkin rings? You can find a free napkin making project here.

cloth napkins with napkin rings on table

Materials needed

•    23 x 7cm leather or other material of your choice for each ring – max 3mm thick
•    Cutting file – download here
•    Sticky tape or glue (if required)

Equipment needed

•    ScanNCut
•    Cutting mat (type depending on your choice of material)
•    Cutting blade (depending on your choice of material and machine model)
•    Spatula
•    Hemostat or small pliers

Step 1

Download the cutting file to your machine.

Tip: we’ve adorned these napkin holders with a star, however you can use the design functions within your ScanNCut, or CanvasWorkspace, to change the design. Just make sure there’s enough space on the body of the napkin holder, and enough room round the sides to keep the structural integrity of napkin holder.

Step 2

Adhere the leather to the cutting mat. If it’s not sticking well, secure with some washi tape around the edges.

Tip: if you’ve decided to use a material that isn’t leather, you may need to change the cutting mat you’re using. Read our quick guide to cutting mats, to help you choose which the best one for the material you’re using.

Step 3

Cut the shapes. Remove from the cutting mat.

Tip: use the ScanNCut spatula, or other included tools, to help safely remove the material off your mat.

Step 4

Thread the end of the napkin holder with no slit in (the ‘tongue’) through the two slits on the other end of the napkin holder. Check that you’re threading the right side through the right side and that there are no twists in your material.

You’ll need to make sure it’s a tight fit to prevent the ends from slipping out and coming loose. If you’re using paper or a thin material, you can secure the tongue on the inside of the ring with a piece of tape or a drop of glue.

Tip: If you find it hard to push the tongue into the slits, a hemostat or small pliers will help.
2 napkin rings on table

Step 5

Now it’s time to dress your table. We’ve got free projects for a matching table runner quilt, napkins, paper stars and mini knot bags (for table presents), so get crafting!
cloth napkin with napkin ring on plate
set table with christmas decorations

We can’t wait to see your festive tables, whether you’ve made these projects, or other ones. Why not tag us into your makes, so we can share and inspire others? You can find us on Instagram and Facebook.


Made by Isabella DuBois, contributor at Handzon

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