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Collage Christmas card with christmas tree and presents on a desk

Collage Christmas card

Send your Christmas wishes far and wide with this colourful collage card. Who’s on your card list this year?

If you want to mix and match card designs, you can also make our embroidered Christmas card.

Materials needed

  • Cardstock in a variety of colours
  • Black or grey stamp pad
  • Double sided tape or paper glue

Equipment needed

Download cutting files here

Notes on size

We used a sheet of 12 x 12” card and folded it double. This size makes a good-sized card. You can use any size of card you want, or even pre-prepared cards. Simply measure and scale your design elements to fit your card of choice.

Collage Christmas card on wooden background

How to

Step 1

Download the files and send them to your ScanNcut machine. Resize them to fit on your chosen card.

Step 2

Cut all the pieces and remove from the cutting mat.

Step 3

Add the distressed borders. Lightly drag the card over the stamp pad so the ink will colour the edges of the card and leave fading marks on the pieces.

Tip: practice the technique first on scrap pieces.

Step 4

Take the body of your card and assemble your cut collage pieces on the card. When you are happy with the arrangement, start sticking them to the card, working from the back to the front. Glue all pieces securely.

Step 5

Leave to dry and add your message inside.


We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

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