#BrotherBiz - small business, big stories

At Brother we always aim to be at your side – whether that’s as the tech you’re using to meet your business objectives, online tutorials, free projects and technical help.

But we’d like to take it further. We love hearing about how our machines help power small businesses all over the world. And that’s why we’d like to hear your #BrotherBiz story and we’d love to share it with others.

By posting content as part of the #BrotherBiz campaign – whether that’s a comment under a post, a story, reel or post tagging @brothersewingcraft or using the hashtag #BrotherBiz – you give your permission to us at Brother Sewing Machines Europe (BSME) to use your words, images or video across their social media and publicity channels.

Any time we at BSME uses your words, images or videos we’ll always do so with credit to yourself and your business – via a @handle tag in the copy of the post and in the image itself (if possible).

We may contact you via direct message to discuss promotion of your story further. You are in no obligation to reply or engage with us regarding further promotion via BSME’s social media and publication channels.