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Here you can find some useful demonstration videos for new product features which can be used for internal training, and training to dealers.

Please note : these videos are ONLY for internal use within BSME group, and between Educators and Brother Dealers. Under no circumstances may these videos be shared with end users and non-Brother dealers.

PR1055X Class 1 - Quilting and Magnetic Hoop Frame

Download Class Notes(0.30MB / PDF)

PR1055X Class 2 - Exploring new features and accessories

Download Class Notes(0.21MB / PDF)

Stellaire x SNC - use a combination to appliqué

Download Class Notes(0.28MB / ZIP)

XP1 UGK2 Class - End point sewing and optional magnifying glass

Download Class Notes(0.11MB / PDF)

XP1 UGK2 Class - new features, My Design Center and My Design Snap app

Download Class Notes(0.25MB / PDF)

XP1 UGK2 Class - Quiltbroidery

Download Class Notes(0.27MB / PDF)

ScanNCut DX class - new accessories

Download Class Notes(0.14MB / PDF)