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Woman wearing blue denim skirt flanked by two skirts

Turn your jeans into a skirt!

Turn your old denim jeans into a skirt – it is easy when you know how! 


Growing cotton and turning it into denim is one of the most water intensive processes. Rather than throwing your old jeans away, why not upcycle them into a skirt? 

Materials needed 

  • Old denim jeans 
  • Yarns 

Equipment needed 

Brother Innov-is A50 sewing machine, jeans and sewing tools

How to

Step 1

Cut the inside seams of your jeans open.

Step 2

Cut the rounded part of the front and back crotch seams (until the zipper). You want to be able to overlap the two sides of the crotch seam over each other.

Do not cut the outside seams of your jeans. Just the inside of your jeans should be ‘open’. 

three pairs of jeans lying flat with crotch seam cut open

Step 3

Try your jeans on and adjust to create the perfect fit.  

Play about with the opened up crotch seam until it fits just right on your hips. We wanted to create a pencil skirt shape, so we overlapped the open crotch seams even more to bring the shape in.

Step 4

Happy with the fit? Pin in place, then stitch the layers with a double stitch to make your skirt extra sturdy.
three pairs of jeans lying flat with crotch seam pinned close

Step 5

Measure the length that you would like and cut the bottom of the jeans. Keep the fabric to one side, we will use it to fill the gap on the front.

Step 6

Layer the pieces of cut denim on top of each other to fill the open part at the front of the skirt. Once you are happy with the placement, pin, then sew with a double stitch.  

There is no need to fill the back part - you have just created a slit that you will need for walking ;). 

Tip: What if you don’t have enough fabric left? No worries, just use some denim or fabric scraps and patchwork a piece that is just big enough to fill the triangle shape on the front.

Step 7

Hem the bottom. 

Voila, your skirt is ready to wear!
denim jeans and denim skirt flat lay
We’d love to see what you upcycle. Why not tag us into your upcycling projects on Instagram. Make sure you tag Brother on Instagram and Facebook too.

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