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White letter A embroidered on Gray cap

How to embroider a cap

Anni from HandmadebyAnni walks us through the steps to embroider a cap on the Brother PR machine, using the flat brim cap frame. 

Materials needed

  • Cap 
  • Temporary marking pen or chalk 
  • Tearaway stabiliser 
  • Optional: basting spray 

Equipment needed 


How to


Install the cap frame driver on the machine.  

Tip: consult your manual or support.brother.com for instructions on installation and setup. 

Step 1

Attach the mounting jig for the cap frame to a table and tighten the thumb screw. Attach the lower frame of the cap frame to the mounting jig.

Mounting jig for Brother cap frame mounted to table

Step 2

If your cap does not have a seam down the centre, mark the centre with a chalking wheel to ensure exact positioning of the embroidery.

Marking centre of cap with chalk wheel

Step 3

Cut the tear-away stabiliser to the desired size, mark the centre, and guide it into the holder on the mounting jig. Press firmly over the row of pins so that the stabiliser is slightly perforated and secured. 

Tip: an alternative is to attach the stabiliser directly to the cap with basting spray. 

Tearaway embroidery stabiliser attached to mounting jig for Brother PR cap frame

Step 4

Set the lock knob on the lower frame to the locked position.

Lock switch on cap frame for use with Brother PR embroidery machine

Step 5

Place the grey plastic bow – the upper frame - around the cap so that it lies directly on the seam of the cap. Make sure that the centre marking of the upper frame aligns exactly with the centre seam or centre mark on the cap.  

Tip: squeeze the cap slightly before fitting it into the upper frame. 

Top part of cap frame for use with Brother PR embroidery machine

Step 6

Fold the internal sweat band downwards and out of the way.

Sweat band on cap being folded down

Step 7

Carefully place the cap and the upper frame over the lower frame, with the tab on each side of the upper frame fitting into the opening on each side of the lower frame. 

Make sure that the teeth of the upper frame are fitting into the base of the cap brim and the centre of the cap is still aligned with the centre mark on the upper frame.  

Press down firmly to snap the upper frame into the lower frame.

Top frame of cap frame for Brother PR embroidery machine pressed over cap

Step 8

Smooth the fabric and pull it down gently to remove any slack.  

Pull fabric down and secure with the clips to add a little more tension to the area to be embroidered.

Fabric of cap secured with clamps in Brother embroidery cap frame

Step 9

Remove the upper and lower frame together with the cap from the mounting jig.  

Tip: you need to use a little force.

Cap frame with cap being removed from Brother embroidery hooping jig

Step 10

Check that the stabiliser is still in place.

Cap and embroidery stabiliser in Brother PR cap frame

Step 11

Attach the clamped cap to the embroidery machine. 

Turn the cap sideways to the left and carefully guide it under the row of embroidery needles. Then turn the cap so that the embroidery area faces upward and attach it to the cap frame driver on the machine – apply a little pressure until it snaps into place.

hooped cap being inserted on Brother PR embroidery machine

Step 12

Select the embroidery file and adjust size if necessary. Trace the embroidery position on the cap.

Tracing button selected on screen of Brother PR embroidery machine

Step 13

If the centre of the embroidery is not exactly aligned with the cap seam (or marking), adjust the position manually on the embroidery machine screen. When positioning is correct, stitch out the design. 

Tip: some machine models have an LED pointer or crosshair that makes adjustment easier. If the Brother embroidery machine you are using does not have one, the needle can be pressed down slightly to check the positioning of the design.

Positioning buttons selected on screen of Brother PR embroidery machine

Step 14

When the embroidery is done, carefully remove the clamped cap from the driver, turn it to the left again and guide it under the row of embroidery needles. 

The lower frame can now be set to the unlocked position and the plastic bow of the upper frame removed.

Lock switch set to unlock cap from Brother cap frame

Step 15

Remove the stabiliser and push the sweat band back into position. Your cap is complete!

Cap embroidered with A monogram with Brother cap frame
We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag me on Instagram, and Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

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