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Cushion with senta and rudolpd embroidery and colorful quilt on sofa

Festive cushion covers

Bring the festive feeling to every corner of the house with this cute Christmassy cushion cover.

Make sure you’re on the ‘nice list’ and embroider a Santa and Rudolph cover finished with a fun pompom trim. Need more cosy comfort? We also have a free ScanNCut mistletoe heat transfer vinyl cushion project too! Find it here.

Rudolph and Santa embroidered cushion

Design size: 100 x 250 mm

Materials needed

  • Cushion inner – we used one that measures 45 x 25cm
  • Linen fabric: 2 x pieces about 5 cm larger than the cushion inner
  • Stabiliser – tearaway or cutaway
  • Embroidery thread
  • Invisible zip
  • Trim – we used a pompom one

Equipment needed

Download embroidery file here

How to

Step 1

Hoop a piece of linen fabric large enough for the cushion cover front with tearaway or cutaway stabilizer.

Step 2

Download the pattern and send to your embroidery machine. Embroider the design.

Step 3

Remove the fabric from the hoop, remove the excess stabiliser.

Step 4

Trim to the desired size to fit your cushion.

Step 5

Take the other piece of cushion fabric and place it wrong side up. Attach the pompom trim or piping around the edge of the cushion. Pin in place.

Step 6

Take the other piece of linen and place it right side up. Attach the pompom trim all around, edges aligning. Pin. Sew in place with the adjustable or narrow zipper foot.

Step 7

Install the zipper on the bottom edge of the cushion. You can use an invisible or normal zipper.

Tip: if you haven’t sewn with invisible zippers before, check out our ‘how to’ video here.

Step 8

Line up the remaining three edges and sew all around right side to right side, enclosing the trim or piping in the seams. Finish with zig zag or overlock stitch.

Step 9

Turn right side out and insert cushion inner.


We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

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