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Festive Dachshund sweater

Who does not love a festive jumper? Make yourself (or a loved one) this fun dachshund inspired sweater for cosy winter nights indoor.


Materials needed

  • Sweater, hoodie, shirt – preferably cotton or fiber that can withstand heat
  • A selection of heat transfer vinyl (HTV) in brown, red, black, blue, pink and gold – for more creative fun, add glitter and flock vinyl in the mix!
  • Baking paper or silicone pressing sheet


Download cutting patterns here

Equipment needed

How to

Step 1

Download the cutting patterns and transfer to your cutting machine. Remember to switch on the Half-Cut option before you start cutting.

Note: the final size of this pattern is 37 x 25cm. Resize according to your needs but make sure to select all pieces before changing the size otherwise the pieces will no longer fit.

Step 2

Adhere your HTV sheet to the cutting mat, shiny side down. Select the relevant parts for each colour and cut.

Tip: use the background scanning function on your ScanNCut to place the different pieces on the correct coloured HTV so you can cut all at the same time.

Step 3

Remove from the cutting mat. Use the hook tool and weed all the parts necessary.


Step 4

Use the images below as reference for the sequence of fusing.

Place the cut vinyl piece onto the fabric, with the coloured side facing the fabric. Check your manufacturer’s instructions for heat and press settings.

Cover fully with baking paper or a silicone sheet, and gently press onto fabric. Fuse well. Remove the transfer foil when cooled down a bit.

Tip: you do not need to press hard, let the heat of the iron or press do the work. After you’ve removed the transfer foil, cover with your baking paper or silicone sheet and press again to ensure all pieces are fused properly.

Note: Always cover all the already fused vinyl pieces with the baking paper or silicone sheet so you do not accidently heat damage it.

Step 5

Repeat the process, following the images below to see how to layer all pieces.

Tip: try not to overlap the transfer foil over already fused vinyl parts as it sometimes can cause a crease when fusing. Try and trim the transfer sheet so it does not overlap already fused pieces and use minimum pressure.

Step 6

Put on your festive sweater, grab a nice cup of hot chocolate and get comfy on the couch!


We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

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