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 2-in-1 foldable wedding invite

Every wedding is special, a celebration of love between two people. Wedding invites aren’t just a way to inform your guests of what you’ve got planned for the big day, they play an important part in telling the story of your love.


We all want our wedding invites to stand out and be a beautiful reminder of that special day. What can be more special than making your own?

Bespoke wedding invitations are becoming more and more popular, but getting a designer and printer involved can be an expensive business. Not to mention you’ll more than likely have to choose from standard templates – something that might not fit with the look you want.

Using your ScanNCut you can get what you want, in your wedding colours, on the exact card type you’ve been thinking of. Making your own invitations is also a great activity for the bride, groom, family and friends to do together.

This folded wedding invite includes a built in pocket for pre-printed invites and information cards, plus a space for the invite itself. As the invite is perforated and can be folded, there’s no need for a separate envelope!


Materials needed:

  • Patterns – download here
  • 300 x 300mm papercraft card stock in two colours
  • Pre-printed ‘invitation text’ on pearl tracing paper
  • Pre-printed ‘information’ insert on pearl tracing paper
  • Pre-printed RSVP on pearl tracing paper
  • Pre-printed address labels (one for you guest, one for the RSVP)
  • Stick glue or glue gun
  • Sealing wax and seal 


Equipment needed:

General instructions relating to ScanNCut:

  1. Always choose the correct mat for your material. The material should stick to mat securely. Test a small piece on a corner of your mat to make sure you can remove it again without damaging the material. You can find our handy mat and blade guide for ScanNCut DX models here, and the ScanNCut CM models mat and blade guide here.
  2. We recommend that you do a test cut before you cut your design.
  3. Patterns can be transferred to your ScanNCut via USB or WiFi, depending on your model.

Step 1

Download the free template patterns and transfer to your ScanNCut.

Step 2

Place the card stock you’d like the main body of the invite to be made of on the mat and feed into your ScanNCut.

Step 3

Bring up Pattern A for the main body of the invite on your ScanNCut screen. Position it so it fits onto the cutting area and cut. 

Pearl wedding invite body in front of ScanNCut

Step 4

Take the invite off the mat and fold as follows:

  • With the flap for the pocket on your right hand side, fold the perforation between the pocket flap and the main invite over to the left, so the pocket flap lies on top of the main body.
  • Fold the wings of the pocket flap under to create a ‘leg’ on either side that you’ll use to glue the flap down.
  • Fold the bottom portion of the invite up into the middle.
  • Fold the triangle section down in the middle.
  • Open out again.

Step 5

Run glue down the flaps where they will touch the invite body. Carefully press onto the body of the invite and hold for 30 seconds while the glue dries.
Pearl wedding invite body with hands holding glue

Step 6

Place the card stock required for the inserts onto the mat and load into your ScanNCut. Open Pattern B and cut all inserts.

Tip: Even though the cut outs are all on one pattern they don’t all need to be of the same colour. Use the screen on your ScanNCut to delete which inserts you don’t want to cut this time round. You can use your saved ScanNCut template to do this as many times as you need.

Step 7

Use the glue to stick your printed out information sheets, RSVP and invite text onto the inserts.

We’ve decided it works best to print your invite to go in the middle of the card, with information and RSVP on the inserts in the pocket. But feel free to change that – it’s the invite to your wedding, not ours!
Different cut out parts of wedding invite

Step 8

Stick the address label onto to the cut out for the front of the card.

Step 9

Fold the card back up. Before you fold the triangle down, fold over the two flaps at the side and glue down to hold everything in place. Then fold down the envelope flap and secure in place with sealing wax, glue, tape or a sticker.

Step 10

Post and get ready for the replies!


We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

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