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pink mini mailbox on white background

You’ve got mail!

Who wouldn’t want to send a love letter to this cute mini mailbox? Let me show you how to create this adorable project made from cardstock and your ScanNCut.


I particularly like paper projects because a simple sheet can be turned into a really great 3D object with just some cutting, folding and a little glue.

Today I'm going to show you how to make a 3D mini-mailbox with your Brother ScanNCut for mini love letters and packages.

ScanNCut machine and materials on white background

Equipment needed

  • Cardstock in different colours patterns
  • Paper glue 
  • Washi tape or painter's tape 

Equipment needed

  • ScanNCut machine
  • Low tack mat (or a standard mat that is no longer brand new)  
  • Sharp standard blade 
  • Weeding tools: spatula and hook

Download cutting files

How to

Step 1

Download the cutting files and transfer to your ScanNCut. 

The files are all saved on a 12 x 12" mat. If you want to use different colours of cardstock for the different project elements, first select only the elements from the file that belong to that colour.  

Repeat with the other elements for other colours.
lines on cutting mat

Step 2

Adhere the card onto the ScanNCut mat and, to be on the safe side, secure it with washi tape or painter's tape so that it won’t move when cutting.

Step 3

Select the file or the required elements and select the cut settings. 

Tip: I had the best experience with cutting speed 3 and cutting pressure on Auto. The blade should ideally be new or still sharp. If the blade is not cutting properly, clean the holder: carefully push back the grey plastic tip to see whether any dust/paper residue has accumulated around the blade and then remove it. If this does not help, replace the blade. 
Screen with stylus

Step 4

Cut all the elements and carefully remove them from the mat using a spatula.
Red card on white cutting mat

Step 5

Repeat with the other cardstock colours.  

Tip: you can stick smaller pieces or strips of card next to each other on the mat. To ensure that the cutting files are placed correctly, perform a background scan and reposition the elements if necessary.
Screen with red and grey

Step 6

Now, it’s time to put the mailbox together. First glue the narrow strip to the back of the long mailbox element - this serves as reinforcement between the two openings.
Card cutouts on wooden background

Step 7

Apply some glue to the flap of the mailbox and stick the different coloured flap on top (flush at the top edge).  

Glue the small heart to the top of the flap edge too.
hand applying glue to card on white background

Step 8

Bend all the tabs of the rounded side panels on the score lines and apply glue.  

Also glue the inner edges of the long strip.
Hands folding pink card on white background

Step 9

Now glue the side panels onto the left and right of the long strip.
Hands pressing on card

Step 10

Bend the tabs of the side panels a little more inwards, bring the free end of the long strip over these tabs and attach.
Hands folding card

Step 11

Glue the tabs of the base and attach the base between the walls at the bottom of the mailbox (tabs facing downwards).


Hand applying glue

Step 12

Glue the narrowest strip onto a heart and attach next to the letter opening as a mailbox ‘sign’.
Hands holding pink valentines box

Step 13

It’s time to make the boxes and mini love letters to post!  

Cut the boxes and envelopes on your ScanNCut (there is one of each in the file, but I cut out several).  

Glue together and then add a heart on each one.  

Don’t forget to add your love notes before you post them into the mailbox ;) 

I hope you enjoy creating these mini mailboxes and of course sending mini Valentine notes to someone special!


 I can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook, and myself too!

blogger missredfox in her studio with Brother ScanNCut

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