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3D Christmas decorations

I particularly like Christmas decorations that are not only pretty but also save space - otherwise the boxes full of baubles, fairy lights and candles pile up too quickly.

So, today I'll show you how to make Christmas 3D-puzzle decorations that can then be stored in a space-saving manner.

For this project I cut out foamboards with my ScanNCut and then put them together as 3D-puzzles. They can be taken apart again after the holidays.

You will need

  • ScanNCut DX with a low tack mat (or a standard cutting mat that is no longer brand new) and a sharp auto blade or a ScanNCut CM with a deep cut blade
  • Foamboards (they have a layer of foam between two layers of paper, like a sandwich), in 1.4 mm thickness (no thicker or thinner, the files are created exactly for this thickness)
  • Weeding tool (spatula and hook)
  • Washi tape or painter's tape
  • Ruler
  • 3D adhesive dots (foam pads)
  • Double-sided glue tape


Download cutting files here

You cannot change the size of this project as the size of the connection slots changes when the elements are enlarged or downsized in CanvasWorkspace and are then no longer compatible with a 1.4 mm foamboard! This project can only be cut at the size supplied in the downloadable files.

How to

Step 1

Stick a small piece of foamboard onto the mat as a test to make sure that the mat does not stick too strongly (otherwise the paper layer of the foamboard may be torn off), in this case use a mat that is not completely new.

Step 2

Now stick the foamboard of the right size onto the mat and, to be on the safe side, fix its edges onto the mat with washi tape or painter's tape so that it doesn't slip.

Step 3

Download the cutting file and transfer to your ScanNCut.

Select the cutting file and check the cut settings: I had the best experience with cutting speed 3 and cutting pressure on Auto.

Tip: ideally the blade should be new or still sharp enough. If necessary, carefully push back the gray plastic cover of the blade to check whether there are any dust or paper residue and remove it.

Step 4

Cut all the pieces. It takes several passes until the elements are completely cut out. In my case it took two to three passes.

Please note:

  • The house elements do not fit on a 12 x 12" mat and the file is designed for a 12 x 24" mat. If you do not have a long mat, delete some elements first and cut what fits on a 12” mat. Then cut the remaining elements of the house.
  • You can copy and cut out the decorative elements (gingerbread men, candy, candy canes, etc.) as many times as you like.
  • The trees come in three sizes.

Step 5

After cutting, carefully remove the elements from the mat using the spatula and hook.

Assembling the decorations


Interlock / put together the two halves, place the tree up, done!



  • Insert the two connecting parts for the legs (B) into the lower slots of the body (A).
  • Insert the rear legs (C) and the front legs (D) into the connecting parts.
  • Insert the antlers (F) into the small connecting part (E) and place this construction on the reindeer's head.



Carefully bend the front door open using the ruler as a guide.

  • Attach the front wall (B) to the base plate (A).
  • Insert a side wall (D) into the front wall and then onto the base plate.
  • Put the rear wall (C) together with the second side wall (D) and connect both to the already standing structure.
  • Put the roof parts (E) on the house.

For the decorative elements, stick the bow on the circle and stick this “Advent wreath” on the door using 3D adhesive dots. Attach scarves to the gingerbread men with double-sided  glue and attach them together with the other elements (candies, candy canes, hearts) to the house (roof, walls) using 3D glue dots.

At the end you can also put LED candles or a small string of LED lights in the house (not real candles!).

If you wish, you can paint the decorative elements, but you can also leave everything white for a minimalist, Scandinavian-looking style decoration.

Taking the decorations apart

When the holiday season is over, take the decorations apart in the reverse order you put them together. Of course, the decorative elements can remain on the house and the scarves can stay on the gingerbread men!

Have fun with this project and have a magical Christmas!


We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

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