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four yellow cartoon skeletons on moon background

Funny bones Halloween HTV skeletons

Have a happy Halloween with this dancing skeletons heat transfer vinyl (HTV) ScanNCut cutting project. Heat transfer vinyl is perfect for adding a frightening feel to clothes, bags, homewares and more.

Halloween HTV’d everything you can think of? Why not cut this design on your ScanNCut in other materials, such as window vinyl, card, foam, felt… the only limit is you imagination!
Got an embroidery machine? You can also download this design to stitch out in time for the spooky season. Find the free embroidery pattern data here.

Materials needed

  • Heat transfer vinyl (HTV)
  • Funny bones cutting pattern

Download here

Equipment needed

  • ScanNCut
  • Standard cutting mat
  • Vinyl blade or auto blade
  • Weeding tool
  • Iron or heat press
  • Pressing cloth

General instructions relating to ScanNCut:

  1. Always choose the correct mat for your material. The material should stick to the mat securely. Test a small piece on a corner of your mat to make sure you can remove it again without damaging the material. You can find our handy mat and blade guide for ScanNCut DX models here, and the ScanNCut CM models mat and blade guide here.
  2. We recommend that you do a test cut before you cut your design.
  3. Patterns can be transferred to your ScanNCut via USB or WiFi, depending on your model.

Step 1

Download the patterns using the button above and send to your ScanNCut.

Step 2

Place your HTV shiny side down on your ScanNCut mat.

Step 3

If using an offcut of HTV, scan your material and make sure the design fits. Move the design as required.

Step 4

Choose the ‘half cut’ function in the ScanNCut menu.

Step 5

Run a test cut, making sure it doesn’t overlap your design.

Step 6

If you’re happy with the test cut, cut the full design. Remove from mat when finished cutting.

Step 7

Weed your design.

Step 8

Place your HTV onto your fabric and press with the pressing cloth as per manufacturer’s instructions.

We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.

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