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Paper Succulents on white background

Evergreen paper succulents

If, like me, you don't have green fingers and you love paper, paper succulents are a good choice. They don't die, they live forever, you just have to dust them every now and then. ;-)


You can put them in plant pots or place them directly on the table or shelf. You could also use them to create a terrarium within an object or frame.

I have prepared four different types of succulents as a template, you can of course adjust the size based on the size of the pot you are using.

You will need

  • Cutting files
  • Brother ScanNCut like the SDX1250
  • Craft paper (ideally 160 g/m2, e.g. Canson MiTeintes or Lana Color) in various shades of green and purple
  • Standard tack adhesive mat (CADXMATSTD12)
  • ScanNCut weeding tool
  • Artist's pastels in shades of green and pink
  • Mini make-up sponge or make-up applicator (optional)
  • Craft knife or box cutter/utility knife
  • Hot glue
  • Small flower pots (optional)
  • Small clean containers (optional)


Download cutting files here

How to

Step 1

Transfer the cutting files to your ScanNCut, stick craft paper to mat and cut succulents. If you are going to 'pot' the succulents into pots, use your ScanNCut's in-built design functions to scale the patterns as required. Repeat to cut all designs.

Step 2

Weed the different layers of the 'plant'.

Step 3

With the help of the spatula handle, shape the leaves of each layer a little.

Step 4

Use your knife to crumble some of the pastels with the cutter onto a sheet of paper or into the small, clean containers (so you don't mix the colours). Crush the pastel to make a fine powder. 

Step 5

Using your finger, or better still a small make-up applicator, take some colour powder and apply it to the individual succulent layers: e.g. a darker green at the edges, pink in the middle. Work on all the layers in this way, not forgetting the backs (only green on the edges will do here).

Tip: if you're using your fingers, wash them well between each colour, so you don't mix them. Make sure your hands are properly dry before you use each colour. If you're using a make-up sponge or applicator, just wipe well between each colour, do not use water.

Step 6

Now take the largest layer, put some hot glue in the middle and put the next smaller layer on top of it, so that the individual leaves are slightly offset.

Place all the layers on top of each other, with the smallest on top.

Step 7

Once all layers glued, press the tips of the individual leaves together between your thumb, index and middle finger so that the plant looks even more real.

Step 8

If you like, you can place such a plant loosely or with some hot glue or adhesive tape (double-sided) on a flower pot, alternatively place it loosely on the table or shelf.

Have fun with the evergreen succulents!

I hope you liked my project? Enjoy crafting and see you next time!
I can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook, and myself too!

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