Luminaire Innov-is XP1 Upgrade Kit UGKXP1

Expand your creativity by adding the Premium Upgrade Kit for your Luminaire Innov-is XP1.


Elevate your Luminaire Innov-is XP1 with the new Premium Upgrade Kit.
Frame and couching kit accessories on white background

What’s in the Box:

  • 27cm square hoop
  • Couching embroidery kit
  • Dual feed couching kit
  • Activation card
  • Installation guide
Flowery embroidery design on green fabric in frame

Largest Square Hoop in the Industry

  • 272 x 272mm Square Hoop
  • With ergonomic sliding lock and rubber edges
  • Great for sewing quilt blocks

Screen showing how split border patterns are divided

King size of auto split quilting sash

  • Works with projector - perfect joining of patterns
  • Up to 3 x 3m size borders
  • Perfect for large quilts
My Stitch Monitor blue Brother icon with flower and needle

My Stitch Monitor app – see the progress of your embroidery on your mobile device

  • Use app to monitor the progress of your stitching
  • Check embroidery status
  • Receive thread information
  • Receive notifications when embroidery is finished, waiting for thread to be changed, broken thread error or other errors that need attention

    Available languages – English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
    Compatibility – iOS 10 or later, Android 5 or later
Screen showing colour shuffling function for XP1

Favourite mark for Colour Shuffling

  • Choose your favourite colours, mark it and finally decide from your list of your chosen favourites
Colourful flower embroidery on blue fabric in XP1 machine

75 embroidery patterns

  • Choose from 75 new and exciting patterns
Screen showing new quilt border designs

5 quilt sashing patterns

  • Choose from 5 new quilt sash patterns and get creative with your quilting
Screen showing new fill designs for XP1

6 decorative fill patterns

  • Now even more choice when choosing decorative fill patterns
Screen showing font editing functions for XP1

Enhanced Editing of Embroidery Letters

  • Select and edit individual letters for a unique effect
Square and triangle embroidered with different fills

Light finish for decorative fill

  • Instead of triple stitch, you can set decorative fill as a single stitch to give your project a lighter finish
Circle and square motif on screen of Innov-is XP1

Selection in My Design Center now even easier

  • 3 additional keys – surround by curve, select line or area directly, or select all
Flower embroidery in Innov-is XP1 machine

Auto presser foot lift for embroidery

  • Set this function so the foot will automatically go down to start embroidering
Innov-is XP1 couching a flower shape in sewing mode

Ability to couch in Sewing and Embroidery mode

Dual feed couching

  • Dual feed couching foot, yarn guide and yarn threader included

Embroidery couching

  • including 40 patterns
  • Couching embroidery foot and yarn guide included
Square and triangle embroidered with different fills

3 Hand-quilting like stitches

  • Create the effect of hand quilting stitches with the 3 new quilt stitches
  • Use clear thread on top, and coloured thread on bobbin to create this effect
LED pointer on white fabric

Needle point projection for Free motion Quilting

  • Needle point can be projected on the fabric in free motion mode so it is easy to find your start point when free motion quilting
XP1 screen showing videos built in

4 new teaching videos

Learn how to use the features easily by watching the included teaching videos

  • Couching embroidery
  • Enhanced auto split quilt sashing
  • Basting
  • Monitoring app

And more features for free with firmware update Ver 2.00:

  • Lock stitch when bobbin replacement
  • Improved scanning
  • 1600% magnification in My Design Center
  • Flipping axis change for Line Motif feature in My Design Center – for 3 patterns only
  • Resume function in My Design Center
  • Project guideline/gridlines and stitch pattern together
  • Show guideline with the stitch pattern on the LCD
  • Width enlargement of My Custom Stitch pattern – up to 7mm
  • Automatic firmware update function
  • New installation procedure for Upgrade Kit

Firmware update 2.0.0 can be downloaded from