45 x 24 Clamp Frame and Arm-D PRCLP45B

The arm size is designed small enough to fit most shoe sides and still have an adequate stitch field for logos, flags, initials, names, numbers etc. The frame has an aggressive non-slip surface to hold leather and nylon secure during embroidery. It works well with backpacks, gloves, pockets, hats, cuffs and more!


Key Features

  • Embroidery area 45 x 24mm
  • Includes mounting arm "D" and forward facing clamp frame 45 x 24mm
  • Compatible with PR1055X, PR1050X, PR1000e (over. 4.10 and later), PR1000 (over. 4.10 and later), PR670E, PR655
  • Art. No XF2251001

Compatible products