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ScanNCut DX users can have even more fun with 2021’s new accessory drop – a rotary auto blade for fabric lovers, an improved roll feeder and a leader sheet to stabilise reverse rolled, or weaker materials!

We’ve listened to our users, we know that they want to be able to cut more materials on their ScanNCut.
2021’s accessories answer these concerns and support a wider range of materials to be cut more easily and more cleanly.



Watch the new Rotary Auto Blade in action!


  • Easily cut curved designs – no more miscuts with scissors or traditional rotary cutters.
  • Clean cut – super sharp cuts keep fabric fraying to a minimum.
  • Nice and steady - no need for backing or stabiliser when you’re cutting.
  • More fabric, more fun! Cut a variety of fabrics like felt, organza, jersey, lace, cotton and much more. What will you cut first?
  • And the best part? Thanks to the ScanNCut’s revolutionary auto pressure blade technology there’s no need to fiddle with cut settings – your ScanNCut does it all for you. More time creating, less time setting up!

Rotary auto blade for ScanNCut and activation card

There’s more fun to be had for fabric lovers with our brand-new Rotary Auto Blade and Rotary Auto Blade Kit.

Compatible with all ScanNCut DX models the Rotary Auto Blade attachment fits easily into the machine’s cutting mechanism.
The Rotary Auto Blade, coupled with the low tack mat, gives a cleaner cut without the need for stabiliser.
Even on delicate materials like crepe paper and lace, or tricky fabrics like organza and jersey!
Included with the kit are 63 new rotary blade patterns.

Rotary Auto Blade Kit

  • Included in kit: Rotary auto blade holder, rotary auto blade, activation card with Rotary contents.

Rotary Auto Blade

  • Included in the pack: Rotary blade only (no holder included!)

Roll feeder 2 for ScanNCut

New improved Roll Feeder 2

Introducing the Roll Feeder 2!

Users have asked for the ability to feed and cut reverse rolled materials on their ScanNCut, and now they are able to.

The material thickness cut ability range has also been expanded to 0.15 - 0.5 mm (from 0.21 - 0.25 mm).

And we’ve enhanced cut quality too – wait until you see how cleanly you can cut tricky vinyl now.


  • The pack includes: Roll feeder, vinyl trimmer, leader sheet, activation card

3 Roll feeder leader sheets

Leader sheet

To make the cutting of reverse rolled materials possible we’ve developed the ScanNCut Leader Sheet.

Supplied with and to be used with the Roll Feeder 2, the leader sheet allows reverse rolled materials to be fed easily into the ScanNCut and prevents jams from upward curled materials.

The leader sheet also provides additional support and pressure to thin and soft materials, giving a better cut finish.



  • Each package includes 3 pieces