ScanNCut SDX2250D Disney home hobby scanning and cutting machine

A world of excitement is at your fingertips with the ScanNCut DX SDX2250D. The ScanNCut is the world’s ONLY standalone hobby scanning and cutting machine that’s been enchanted with Disney magic.


Brimming with 182 Disney designs, including 30 new magical patterns not found anywhere else, it’s now even easier to create crafting magic.

Race to bed like Disney and Pixar’s Lightning McQueen, Have fun with snow and glitter like Disney Frozen’s Elsa and golly gosh bring Mickey Mouse and friends to life across  quilts, cards, appliqué patches and any other craft project you can dream of.

You can scan, design, emboss, foil, score, write, draw, create stickers, cut sticker vinyl and heat transfer materials, add sparkle and cut virtually any material up to 3mm thick all on one machine – with no extra design cartridge, computer or mobile device required! *

For fabric lovers! Included in the box is our brand new rotary auto blade attachment. The SDX2250D also comes with 63 NEW rotary blade designs, plus 170 built-in quilt blocks and appliqué designs – incl. 30 brand new Disney appliqué designs. With our low-tack mat included and the ScanNCut’s ability to draw and cut your desired seam allowance, you’ll cut perfect quilt pieces every time.

With Brother’s innovative auto-blade sensor the ScanNCut automatically detects material thickness, so you get the perfect cut without having to fiddle with cut settings. More time crafting, less time setting up!

Use the ScanNCut’s large 5” colour touchscreen to edit, customise and even create your own designs. Save designs to your machine’s memory for future use. Or why not create your own using our free CanvasWorkspace programme?

Wireless connectivity and a built-in USB port means you can send files directly to your ScanNCut – including PES/PHX/PHC (embroidery files) and SVG and certain types of DXF (vector) files.

For help and advice on setting up your machine, visit Visit our video gallery to see each of the ScanNCut’s amazing features in action.

Take a look at our accessories page to view our extensive range of optional accessories. Check out the vinyl blade, rhinestone kit, printable sticker kit and so much more… including our exclusive Disney Content cards so you can breathe even more magic into your handmade creations.

Visit the enchanting world of the ScanNCut DX SDX2250D here.

* additional kits may need to be purchased to unlock all abilities.

Key Features

  • New! Rotary auto blade for fabric cutting
  • 1,485 built-in designs incl. 182 exciting Disney designs PLUS 63 new rotary designs
  • Standalone – no PC required
  • Only hobby cutting machine with built-in scanner
  • Fully automatic blade
  • Cut material up to 3mm such as foam and felt
  • Wireless LAN connectivity
  • Recognize PES/PHX embroidery files & SVG vector files
  • Precise, faster, quieter cutting
  • My Connection function (enable data transfer between SDX2250D and Luminaire Innov-is XP and Stellaire models)

What's in the box

  • Auto Blade (with holder)
  • Rotary Auto Blade Kit – including 63 designs
  • Standard Mat 12” x 12” 
  • Low Tack Adhesive Mat 12” x 12”
  • High Tack Fabric Support Sheet (1 pc)
  • Pen Holder and 2-types Erasable Pen Set
  • Accessories Pouch with Spatula and Stylus
  • Getting Started Guide and sample cardstock

Features in depth

Rotary blade
Have even more fun with fabrics! The SDX2250D comes with a rotary auto blade attachment and 63 brand new rotary blade designs.

Appliqué designs
Have even more fun with fabric. The SDX2250D comes with 170 built-in quilt blocks and appliqué designs – incl. 30 brand new Disney appliqué designs built-in.

Blade sensor technology
Brother’s innovative auto-blade sensor automatically detects material thickness (up to 3mm thick), taking away tricky guesswork. Get the perfect cut, every time.

Cut out the hassle
Remove the hassle of hand cutting designs from paper and fabric. Just scan, highlight and cut. Perfect for those who may have difficulty holding scissors or cutting knives.

Cut up to 3mm thick
Cut materials like foam and felt effortlessly with the auto blade.

Built-in scanner
The ScanNCut is the only crafting machine to feature a 600dpi scanner. You can scan virtually anything – a drawing, a cherished photo, even material offcuts, so there’s less wastage! You can even save your scans as jpegs direct to a USB.

Background scanning
Scan and place your design exactly on any leftover pieces of card or fabric. Saving you mis-cuts, time and money.

Wireless connection

With wireless connectivity you can send designs directly to your ScanNCut from your free CanvasWorkspace account, no wires or flash drives needed.

Connect your craft room
Using the exclusive My Connection* function send embroidery designs from your XP- or Stellaire machine wirelessly to your SDX2250D and turn them into patterns to be used on your ScanNCut. Love a ScanNCut* pattern and want to see it stitched out? Send it to My Design Center on your XP1 and create an embroidery design around it.     
*Only compatible between certain ScanNCut DX models and Luminaire XP and Stellaire sewing machines

PES/PHX/PHC file readability
Using the built-in USB port, you can import PES/PHX/PHC files so you can turn treasured embroidery patterns into matching stickers, line art, cutting guides, embossing or foiling projects.

SVG data readability

Your SDX2250D can read SVG files directly, so there’s no need to spend time converting first. More time crafting, less time converting.

Specification Details

Features and Specifications

Machine Size Small
Product Type Crafting, ScanNCut, Small Business Use
Skill Level Beginner, Expert, Intermediate, Small Business Use
Rotary Autoblade CADXBLDR1 Yes
Deep Cut Blade Yes
Full Auto Blade Yes
Standard Blade Yes
Thin Fabric Blade (auto blade) Yes
Direct Connection via USB Cable (cable not included) Yes
USP Port for Media 1 USB Port
Wireless Interface WLAN Connection
Scanner Resolution (optical) 600dpi
Scanning Area 12 x 24" (305 x 610 mm)
Display Size 5"
Display Type LCD Colour Touchscreen
Auto Power Off Yes
Sleep Mode Yes
Adjustable Holder Pressure Automatic
Blade Depth Adjustment Automatic
Built-In Designs 0
Built-In Fonts 17
Maximum Thickness for Cutting Auto Blade: 3mm, Deep Cut Blade: 1.5mm, Standard Blade: 0.7mm, Thin Fabric Auto Blade: 3mm
PES Yes, all PES Data
SVG Via Canvas Workspace or Direct Import to the Machine
Edit On-screen Yes
Max Cutting Depth 3mm
Scanner Yes
Scanning Area 11.7 x 11.7" (297 x 297mm), 11.7 x 24" with optional mat (297 x 610mm)
Standalone/PC Peripheral Standalone
WLAN Capability Yes
Accessories Brayer (CABRY1), Precision Tweezers (CATWZ1), Scraper Tool (CASCP1), Spatula and Hook Set (CASPHK1)
Consumables Auto Blade 3mm (CADXBLD1), Auto Blade Holder (CADXBLD1), Colour Pen - 6pcs (CAPEN1), Deep Blade Holder (CAHFL1), Deep Cut Blade (CABLDF1), Erasable Pen - 2pcs (CAPEN 2), Fabric Mat (CADXMATF12), High Tack Sheet for Fabric Cutting (CASTBL2), Iron-on Contact Sheet (CASTBL1), Low Tack Mat 12 x 12" "/305 x 350mm (CADXMATLOW12), Low Tack Mat 12 x 24" "/305 x 610mm (CADXMATLOW24), Pen Holder (CAPENHL1), , Scanning Mat 12 x 24"/305 x 610mm (CADXMATS24), , Standard Blade Holder (CAHLP1), Standard Cut Blade (CABLDP1), Standard Mat 12 x 24" "/305 x 610mm (CADXMATSTD24), Standard Mat 12 x 12" "/305 x 350mm (CADXMATSTD12), Thin Fabric Auto Blade (CADXBLDQ1), Thin Fabric Auto Blade Holder (CADXHLDQ1), Vinyl Auto Blade (CADXBLDV1)
Design Collections 3D model Pattern USB4 (CAUSB4), Applique Pattern USB2 (CAUSB2), , , , , Disney Frozen Ⅱ Design Collection for Vinyl Auto Blade (CADXDSNP11), , , , Home Decor USB3 (CAUSB3), , Quilt Pattern USB1 (CAUSB2), Rhinestone Design Collection (CARSDP01), Tattered Lace Collection 1 (CATTLP01), Tattered Lace Collection 4 (CATTLP04), Tattered Lace Collection 4 (CATTLP04), Tattered Lace Collection 4 (CATTLP04), Tattered Lace Collection 4 (CATTLP04), Tattered Lace Collection 4 (CATTLP04), Tattered Lace Collection 4 (CATTLP04), Tattered Lace Collection 2 (CATTLP02), Tattered Lace Collection 3 (CATTLP03), Tattered Lace Collection 4 (CATTLP04), Tattered Lace Collection 4 (CATTLP04), Tattered Lace Collection 4 (CATTLP04), Tattered Lace Collection 4 (CATTLP04), Tattered Lace Collection 4 (CATTLP04), Tattered Lace Collection 4 (CATTLP04)
Premium Functions , Print to Cut for CanvasWorkspace (CADXPRNTCUT1), ScanNCut Canvas Premium Pack No. 1 (Enhanced Image Tracing / 125 design patterns) (CACVPPAC1), ScanNCut Canvas Premium Pack No. 2 (Enhanced Image Tracing / 25 design patterns) (CACVPPAC2), ScanNCut Link Plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® (CADXSNCLNK1)
Premium Kits and Refills Acrylic Stamp Block Set (CASTPBLS1), , , , Embossing Mat (CAEBSMAT1), Embossing Metal Sheets (Bronze) (CAEBSBMS1), Embossing Metal Sheets (Silver) (CAEBSSMS1), Embossing Starter Kit (CAEBSKIT1), Embossing Template Sheets (CAEBSTS1), Embossing Tool Set (CAEBSKIT1), Foil Blue (CAFTSBLU1), Foil Glue Pens (CAFTGP1), Foil Gold (CAFTSGLD1), Foil Green (CAFTSGRN1), Foil Pink (CAFTSPNK1), Foil Red (CAFTSRED1), Foil Silver (CAFTSSIL1), Foiling Starter Kit (CAFTKIT1), , , , , Printable Mini Sticker Sheet Set (CAPSSMINI1), Printable Sticker Sheet Set (CAPSS1), Printable Sticker Starter Kit (CAPSKIT1), Rhinestone Sheet Set (CARSSH1), Rhinestone Starter Kit (CARSKIT1), Rhinestone Transfer Sheets (CARSTS1), , , Stamp Sheets (CASTPS1), Stamp Starter Kit (CASTPKIT1), Stencil sheet (CASTCL1), Vinyl Auto Blade Kit (CADXVBKIT1)
Roll Feeder Roll Feeder (CADXRF1), Roll Feeder Cutter (CADXRFC1)
CanvasWorkspace for PC Yes
CanvasWorkspace for Web Yes
Size 531 x 215 x 173 mm
Weight 6 kg

Supplies and Accessories