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The Luminaire Innov-is XP3 is the latest and greatest sewing, embroidery and quilting machine from Brother. It’s the machine that’s as brilliant as your ideas.

A machine that’s as brilliant as your ideas.

Adjusting stitches directly on fabric with Brother sensor pen

Extraordinary features

Stitch with consistent quality, tie-off stitches at the touch of a button, feed denims and silks with ease, automatically sew buttonholes. 

Embroidery designs projected next to embroidery on white fabric

Intuitive placement, professional results

With high-resolution camera and StitchVision technology, you’ll see your designs come alive on your fabric. Get it right first time with projected guidelines and needle drop pointer.

Paper sheet with hand drawn tree on Brother Scanning frame

See it, scan it, sew it

Automatically create beautiful embroidery from hand-drawn designs, graffiti, pattern templates or even your signature. Customise on fabric, on screen and via connected apps.

Dark blue quilt with floral pattern in Brother Innov-is XP3

Size really does matter

Supersize yourself with Brother’s largest workspace, longest arm, biggest embroidery frame and the most generous selection of embroidery, stitch and quiltbroidery patterns on any of our machines.

Discover the ultimate sewing experience at a Premium Dealer near you

“Enjoy embroidery speeds comparable to a 10-needle embroidery machine with speeds up to 1,050 stitches per minute.”

“ Brother’s innovative Square Feed Drive System provides super-smooth fabric feeding for superior stitch quality.” 

“With a hyper-wide camera view, you can project whole patterns onto your fabric, so you know exactly where and what you’re stitching.”

Want to know even more detail? Download the Luminaire Innov-is XP3 brochure here.