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Steampunk butterfly

Let this clockwork butterfly land on all your favourite pieces, turning them from standard to steampunk in no time.

This free beautiful butterfly embroidery design will brighten up whatever you stitch it out on. It’s perfect for making a splash across the back of a jacket but would also look amazing adorning choice items throughout your home.

large embroidered steampunk butterfly made of cogs, gears and clocks

Embroidery Data

Steampunk butterfly design
Finished size: 155 x 239mm
Stitches: 47185
Colours: 9

Please note:

This design is only for machines that can take a 260 x 160mm hoop.
The design is in PEN format and can only be read by Brother embroidery machines. This design is not editable.

Material suggested

PU Leather jacket. Make sure it is not stretchy.

Stabiliser required

Medium weight cutaway, adhered to the item with basting spray (make sure to use basting spray far away from your machine so the particles do not damage your machine).

Stitching out tips and tricks

Hooping can be tricky! We unpicked the lining at the back neck as well as the shoulder seams and pinned it well away.
Not leaving marks is important, so using a magnetic hoop with a mask, or floating the project is advised.


We can’t wait to see what you make! Remember to tag in Brother on Instagram and Facebook so we can share your makes and inspire others.
pink pleather jacket with large steampunk buttery embroidered on

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