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ScanNCut CM800Q home and hobby cutting machine for quilters

The ScanNCut CM800Q Quilters Edition is a home and hobby cutting machine with a built-in scanner that’s packed with features for creative crafters. Offering an array of mats and high-quality blades, it enables you to easily and accurately cut a wide range of materials to create work you’re sure to love.

£499.00 Inc. VAT

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With over a thousand built-in designs, the ScanNCut CM800Q is a great addition to your workshop.

As the world’s first range of home and hobby cutting machines offering a built-in scanner, only Brother’s ScanNCut machines allow you to scan any image or sketch then precisely cut the shapes or outlines, without any need for design cartridges or a PC.

The ScanNCut CM800Q comes with a high-tack support sheet, low-tack mats and high-quality blades, ensuring you can work with a range of materials – especially quilting fabrics. The pen draw and seam allowance function is a fantastic bonus for quilters – choose your ideal seam allowance width and with the press of a button, the seam allowance is added to any piece you want to cut. 

For in-depth information on ScanNCut uses, try our ScanNCut FAQs section. For help and advice on setting up your machine, visit support.brother.com, and you can also take a look at our accessories page to make sure you have everything you need to get started.

Key Features

CM800Q scanncut machine on a blue and orange background

  • Large 3.7" LCD touchscreen
  • 300 dpi built-in scanner
  • 1,102 built-in designs including 140 quilt patterns and 15 fonts
  • Scan your design and save it as a cut or draw file
  • 11.7" (297 mm) width cutting area
  • Wireless LAN connectivity
  • 24" scanning

What's in the box

  • Standard cut blade holder
  • Standard cut blade
  • High tack fabric support sheet
  • Iron on fabric contact sheet
  • Low tack mat 12" x 12" (305 mm x 305 mm)
  • Spatula
  • Accessory pouch
  • Touch pen

Supplies and Accessories

Specification Details

Specification Details

Machine Size Compact and Lightweight
Product Type Crafting, ScanNCut
Skill Level Beginner, Expert, Intermediate
Included Accessories Accessories Pouch, High Tack Sheet for Fabric Cutting (CASTBL2), Instruction Manual (CD), Iron-on Contact Sheet (CASTBL1), Low Tack Mat 12 x 12" "/305 x 350mm (CAMATLOW12), Power Cord, Quick Reference Guide, Spatula, Standard Blade Holder (CAHLP1), Standard Cut Blade (CABLDP1), Touch Pen
Deep Cut Blade Yes
Standard Blade Yes
Direct Connection via USB Cable (cable not included) Yes
USP Port for Media 2 USB Ports
Wireless Interface WLAN Connection
Scanner Resolution (optical) 300dpi
Scanning Area 12 x 24" (305 x 610 mm)
Display Type LCD Colour Touchscreen
Auto Power Off Yes
Sleep Mode Yes
Adjustable Holder Pressure Manual
Blade Depth Adjustment Manual
Cutting Area 11.7 x 11.7" (297 x 297mm), 11.7 x 24" with optional mat (297 x 610mm)
Maximum Thickness for Cutting Deep Cut Blade: 1.5mm, Standard Blade: 0.7mm
Built-In Designs 1102
Built-In Fonts 15
Built-In Quilt Patterns 140
SVG Via Canvas Workspace or Direct Import to the Machine
Edit On-screen Yes
Max Cutting Depth 1.5mm
Scanner Yes
Standalone/PC Peripheral Standalone
WLAN Capability Yes
Accessories Brayer (CABRY1), Precision Tweezers (CATWZ1), Scraper Tool (CASCP1), Spatula and Hook Set (CASPHK1)
Consumables Colour Pen - 6pcs (CAPEN1), Deep Blade Holder (CAHFL1), Deep Cut Blade (CABLDF1), Erasable Pen - 2pcs (CAPEN 2), High Tack Sheet for Fabric Cutting (CASTBL2), Iron-on Contact Sheet (CASTBL1), Low Tack Mat 12 x 12" "/305 x 350mm (CAMATLOW12), Low Tack Mat 12 x 24" "/305 x 610mm (CAMATLOW24), Pen Holder (CAPENHL1), Scanning Mat 12 x 12"/305 x 305mm (CAMATS12), Scanning Mat 12 x 24"/305 x 610mm (CAMATS24), Standard Blade Holder (CAHLP1), Standard Cut Blade (CABLDP1), Standard Mat 12 x 12" "/305 x 350mm (CAMATSTD12), Standard Mat 12 x 24" "/305 x 610mm (CAMATSTD24)
Design Collections 3D model Pattern USB4 (CAUSB4), Applique Pattern USB2 (CAUSB2), Home Decor USB3 (CAUSB3), Quilt Pattern USB1 (CAUSB2), Tattered Lace Collection 4 (CATTLP04)
Premium Functions ScanNCut Canvas Premium Pack No. 1 (Enhanced Image Tracing / 125 design patterns) (CACVPPAC1), ScanNCut Canvas Premium Pack No. 2 (Enhanced Image Tracing / 25 design patterns) (CACVPPAC2)
Premium Kits and Refills Acrylic Stamp Block Set (CASTPBLS1), Embossing Mat (CAEBSMAT1), Embossing Metal Sheets (Bronze) (CAEBSBMS1), Embossing Metal Sheets (Silver) (CAEBSSMS1), Embossing Starter Kit (CAEBSKIT1), Embossing Template Sheets (CAEBSTS1), Embossing Tool Set (CAEBSKIT1), Foil Blue (CAFTSBLU1), Foil Glue Pens (CAFTGP1), Foil Gold (CAFTSGLD1), Foil Green (CAFTSGRN1), Foil Pink (CAFTSPNK1), Foil Red (CAFTSRED1), Foil Silver (CAFTSSIL1), Foiling Starter Kit (CAFTKIT1), Printable Mini Sticker Sheet Set (CAPSSMINI1), Printable Sticker Sheet Set (CAPSS1), Printable Sticker Starter Kit (CAPSKIT1), Rhinestone Sheet Set (CARSSH1), Rhinestone Starter Kit (CARSKIT1), Rhinestone Transfer Sheets (CARSTS1), Stamp Sheets (CASTPS1), Stamp Starter Kit (CASTPKIT1), Stencil sheet (CASTCL1)
CanvasWorkspace for PC and Mac Yes
CanvasWorkspace for Web Yes
Size 497 x 185 x 168 mm
Weight 37 kg