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Woman&Home gives Brother’s Innov-is A60SE a 5-star review!



We’re extremely proud that one of the UK’s leading lifestyle magazines, Woman&Home, has awarded Brother’s Innov-is A60SE five stars in their recent independent review.

They found the Innov-is A60SE sewing machine to be ‘an impressive piece of kit that far surpassed [their] expectations’ and ‘a sturdy machine that stitches smoothly, with little to no vibration – even at high speeds – when performing intricate stitch settings’.

Because of this they’ve not only awarded the Innov-is A60SE five stars, but they’ve also included in their ‘best sewing machines round up’ article too.

The testers at Woman&Home put the Innov-is A60SE through rigorous testing and were ‘bowled over’ by the machine’s durability, ease of use and performance, especially for the price the machine retails at. The testers found that:

‘When sewing at 850 stitches per minute during our test, the height of its stitching speed capabilities, the machine barely vibrated. It’s so solid in fact that there’s no differentiation in vibration when working with the more intricate stitches this machine has to offer… For a model in this price bracket, it out-performed its competitors on speed, stitch formation, and quality, producing flawless stitching every time.’

You can find out more about the easy-to-use Innov-is A60SE here, including where to buy yours!